Is Lawfully App Prediction Accurate?

When you file an application for immigration or citizenship with the USCIS, you want to get continuous updates about the status of your petition. USCIS stands for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency.

It is a federal government agency of the US for assessing the eligibility of applicants regarding citizenship and residency in the United States.

In general, applicants are required to complete their documents, fill out the relevant form, pay the filing fee, and send the application to the USCIS (online or via mail).

Once the application is sent, it can take two weeks or more for the USCIS to receive the documents and start the processing. The applicants receive a receipt number that can be used to check the status of the petitions.

However, the accuracy of the application status updates is not very high. Generic information is provided to the applicants when using the receipt number to track application status.

However, a big breakthrough has been brought to the market. Lawfully app is a legal consulting app for people who are filing immigration applications with the US. 

In today’s article, we will talk about the features and accuracy of the Lawfully app. So let’s get into it.

What Is Lawfully App?

Lawfully Inc. is a legal consulting and visa case tracking app for applicants filing for United States immigration.

It is an AI-powered application that uses algorithms to predict the status and estimated processing times of immigration applications with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency.

Applicants can have real-time tracking of their cases, get predictions on how long an application will take to complete processing, and many other features from a legal perspective. The company has been adding more features to the app with time.

For instance, the app’s newer features are case analysis pro, mock interviews, and legal consultations. You can install and use the Lawfully app on your Android and iOS devices.

Features Of Lawfully App

The main features of the Lawfully app for US Immigration and Citizenship are as follows:

Real-Time Tracking Of Your Immigration Application

The AI-powered app has powerful algorithms working in the background that lets you track your immigration application in real time.

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You can track the following applications with the USCIS:

  1. Visas – family-based green card, non-immigrant visas, refugee visas, naturalization visas, T, U, VAWA, Q, and E classes of visas
  2. Forms – I-102, I-129, I-129F ,I-130, I-131, I-140, I-360, I-485, I-526, I-539, I-601, I-601A, I-751, I-765, I-821D, I-824, I-829, I-90, N-400, N-600

Live Legal Consultation From Experts

With the exclusive subscription to the Lawfully app, you can get legal advice and consultation from the most experienced immigration lawyers around you.

The 1on1 video consultation with experienced lawyers gives you the right pathway to follow for a smooth immigration process to the US.

Case Analysis Pro

Case Analysis Pro is also an exclusive feature of the app that the applicants can leverage. Case Analysis Pro uses the data of the USCIS and predicts the processing time for your application.

You can also compare your case with other applicants to check your ranking among all applicants with the same type of application.

Mock Interviews

An immigration interview is an event that most applicants are confused about. Despite having everything needed to become a US resident, a little fumble can turn your interview with an immigration officer into a catastrophe.

Therefore, mock interviews with the ex-consular officers of the USCIS can boost your confidence. You can do as much practice as you want before sitting in the actual interview room for immigration.


The Lawfully app has a very user-friendly interface with convenient features and functionality. For instance, you can always access your case history from the US government and display it in timeline format.

You can also track multiple cases. The push notifications allow you to stay updated about your application and get instant updates whenever there is a new progression.

Exclusive Features

You can pay a subscription fee to assess the exclusive features. The exclusive features include personalized predictions from experts, 1on1 video consultations with immigration lawyers, unlimited mock interviews, and Pro Case Analysis.


The app community has several experts and users who are always there to help people with their application status and general expectations.

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You can ask a question in the community and get the answers & solutions from other applicants or experts present in the social space.

What Is the Purpose Of Lawfully App?

The freemium version of the Lawfully app is for tracking your USCIS applications. Big data and AI work behind the functionality of the app. So we can say that the Lawfully app is a USCIS application tracking app for immigration applicants.

Applicants can always get real-time updates about their cases with the USCIS. However, the premium version provides legal consultation, customized analysis, and interview preparation to increase your immigration success chances.

How To Check Your Application With Lawfully App?

USCIS Case Tracker is the free feature of the Lawfully app. You can get real-time tracking of your immigration applications, requests, and petitions by using the receipt number provided by the USCIS.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to check your application status in the Lawfully app:

  1. Install the Lawfully app on your iPhone or Android device. For Android, download the app from Google Play Store. In the case of iPhone, search and install the Lawfully app from App Store.
  2. Launch the app on your device.
  3. Enter the receipt number of your application and fill out the form for relevant information. It includes filing date, reviewing service center, visa type, etc.
  • Submit the form, and you will be able to see the current status of your application and the progress made so far.

Note: You can activate the push notifications to get a notification whenever there is an update related to your application or petition with USCIS.

What Is Lawfully Prediction Tool?

We already mentioned the Case Analysis Pro tool of the Lawfully app. It is a prediction tool that leverages big data and artificial intelligence to predict your application’s estimated processing time and approval chances.

You can submit 10 cases at a time and monitor your ranking among all applications in the specific category as yours.

It lets you know what to expect and when to expect a decision or action from the United States Citizenship and Immigration agency.

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Once you have registered your case with Lawfully, you can scroll down the timeline to find the Expected Decision Date.

The date is given based on big data and deep learning algorithms. The approval chances and RFE are also predicted and can be accessed in the same window.

Is Lawfully Prediction Tool Accurate?

Lawfully prediction tool is easy to use, and you won’t have a problem operating the application. However, the real question to ask is if the prediction tool is accurate or not!

So here is the answer:

Yes, the prediction tool of Lawfully is accurate to a certain extent. According to the app’s management, their prediction accuracy rate is 93%.

However, when you review what other users have to say, 98% accuracy has been reported by the applicants who relied on the prediction tool of the Lawfully app.

In short, you can expect an acceptable accuracy rate of the predictions and updates provided by the exclusive case analysis of the Lawfully app for your immigration applications and petitions.


Is Lawfully App Legit?

Lawfully is believed to be one of the most reliable and legit case trackers with advanced features for USCIS and NVC applications.

The data-driven analysis and accurate results add to the trust on the Lawfully app compared to other similar trackers.

Is Lawfully case tracker accurate?

Yes, you can accept a notable accuracy of the predictions made by the Lawfully app.

How much is lawfully app?

You can install the Lawfully app on your Android & iOS phones and iPad. The case tracker is usually free, but a one-time payment of $99.99 is required when using exclusive features.

Does Lawfully track NVC?

Yes, you can track NVC(National Visa Center) immigration and citizenship applications with the Lawfully app. NVC is a part of the US Department Of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs.

How do I cancel my Lawfully subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by terminating your account. Simply tap on Delete Button via the Lawfully app and complete the termination process.