Is Rocket Credit Scores A Legit Website? FAQs and More

A credit score is an important figure that matters to any individual or business. Any individual’s credit score signifies if he or she can easily get a loan, credit funding, or other short-term & long-term credit instruments.

Credit rating is the normal term for businesses as an alternative to the credit score.

Therefore, a lot of emphasis is being put on ensuring that your credit score is in good shape. The credit score generally ranges between 300 and 850/900, with 300 being the lowest score and 850 the highest.

A higher credit score means a strong chance to get credit funding and a lower interest rate.

As mentioned, much emphasis is put on improving your credit score for better credit funding opportunities.

However, a user must be able to track the credit score to work toward improvement continuously. It specifically applies when he suffers from a bad credit score. 

Therefore, several service providers and companies claim to provide you access to your credit score. Rocket Credit Scores is also one such service that has been very popular recently regarding reporting credit scores for individuals.

Three Takeaways:

  1. Rocket Credit Scores, offered by Rocket Money Inc., is a legitimate service that provides credit scores and financial insights to subscribers. It is a subsidiary of Rocket Companies Inc., which is a well-established company in the United States, specializing in mortgage lending and financial solutions.
  2. Rocket Credit Scores operates on a subscription model, offering users access to their Equifax credit reports, credit insights, and financial management tools through the Rocket Money app. The subscription plans include a free trial, a monthly plan priced at $19.95, and a lifetime access option for a one-time payment of $149.
  3. The credit scores provided by Rocket Credit Scores may differ from scores given by other credit score apps due to the use of different scoring models and credit reporting agencies. Rocket Money utilizes the VantageScore 3.0 scoring model and Experian credit reports to calculate credit scores. Discrepancies in scores can also arise from lenders not reporting credit to all three major credit bureaus, leading to variations in credit scores across different apps. Despite these variations, Rocket Credit Scores is considered a legitimate service that can help users improve their credit scores and achieve their financial goals.

In today’s article, we will review Rocket Credit’s website and find out if the website is a legit business and provides accurate information to the users.

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What Is Rocket Credit Website?

Rocket Credit is a common name people refer to for Rocket Money, a subsidiary of Rocket Companies, Inc., in the United States.

Rocket Mortgage is another subsidiary of the Rocket Companies. It’s a public company registered on NYSE and was founded in 1985 as Rock Financial.

The former name of Rocket Mortgage has been Quicken Loans, LLC. The headquarters of the company is located in Downtown Detroit, Michigan.

The company has been expanding its business and solutions to become the largest overall retail and online retail mortgage lenders in the United States in 2018.

Rocket Money is also a separate subsidiary and works under Rocket Companies Inc. It focuses on providing laypeople with solutions to improve their finances and have a better financial journey.

The subscription model of the business allows the users to subscribe to the service and get exclusive insights, credit scores, and other relevant KPIs to indicate their financial health. 

According to the statistics shared by Rocket Money, there are 3.4 million+ happy members to whom the company has assisted in saving $245 million+. The subscription to Rocket Money allows you to view your credit reports and other insights.

How Does Rocket Credit Work?

Once you subscribe to the Rocket Money Subscription, you can access the Equifax credit report, credit insights, tips, etc.

The tagline of the company is that with Rocket Money, you can cancel the subscription you no longer need. Basically, it guides you on the things that you are paying for even when you don’t need them.

Once subscribed, you can access the portal and insights from the mobile application of Rocket Money. It is available for both iOS and Android users.

Android users can install the app from the Google Play Store. At the same time, iOS users can access the app from Apple’s App Store.

The app shows you the subscriptions like on-demand video services, Spotify, Netflix, bills and utilities, and a lot more.

In short, it is a dashboard that shows you all the places you’re spending your money on. A finance manager is always by your side to help you save more.

It also notifies you of upcoming bills, subscription renewals, etc. Above all, they offer to cancel unwanted subscriptions on your behalf.

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According to the company’s statistics, Rocket Money has helped customers cancel subscriptions worth $155 million.

Above everything, you can cancel the subscription to Rocket Money at any time when you feel like you don’t need it.

What Is the Cost Of Rocket Credit Score?

As mentioned earlier, Rocket Money offers a subscription model to the members who subscribe to the service.

Here is the model of the pricing for the people who want to subscribe to the Rocket Money credit score services:

Free Trial

The free trial of the Rocket Money subscription allows you to access your credit score and analyze your Equifax credit reports. The company offers a 30-day free trial period for anyone who wants to subscribe.

Monthly Plan

You must get the monthly subscription once you have availed yourself of the free trial. The per-month cost of a Rocket Money subscription is $19.95.

Lifetime Access

Users who think that they will need the subscription for a long time can also choose to get lifetime access to the service for a one-time payment. The cost of lifetime access is $149.

Rocket Credit Scores And When To Get Worried?

How To Register For Rocket Credit Scores Website?

It’s very easy to register for the Rocket Money credit subscription plan. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Install the Rocket Money app on your Android or iOS device. You can also sign up from the website of Rocket Money.
  • Enter your information in the empty fields and check the ‘I agree to the Rocket Money Terms of Conditions…’ box. Click on Get Started.
  • The next step is to create a password. Create a new password according to the instructions given on the screen. Click on Continue.
  • The next step is onboarding, in which you would be asked where you learned about Rocket Money. The next thing to do is choose your financial goals so Rocket Money customizes things for you.
  • Now link your debit card or checking accounts with Rocket Money, as shown in the picture. Click on Continue.
  • Enter your payment details to become a member of Rocket Money subscription. Now, you can access your Rocket Money account from mobile devices. 
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Why Is My Rocket Money Credit Score Different From Another App?

A common question many people ask is why the rocket money credit score is different from the score given by other credit score apps. So here is the answer to this question:

You might be seeing different credit scores on different apps because of the scoring models used by each creditor.

The creditors might weigh different factors to determine the creditworthiness of individuals. For instance, VantageScore 3.0, FICO, and scores generated by nationwide credit bureaus are commonly used for credit score determination.

In the case of Rocket Money, VantageScore 3.0  scoring model and Experian credit report are used to determine credit scores.

Therefore, the difference might appear in scores of different credit score determination apps. Yet another reason is that lenders might not be reporting credit to all three bureaus.

As a result, the credit score might overstate or understate for a specific credit score app.

Verdict: Is Rocket Credit Scores Legit Website?

Rocket Money credit scores are given by Rocket Money Inc., which is very effective and efficient in helping people meet their financial goals.

Whether you want someone by your side to take care of all unwanted subscriptions or want to know which bills are upcoming, a Rocket Money subscription will help you.

Above all, it is a tool that can be capitalized on to improve the credit score. So rest assured, it’s a legit service that you can subscribe to.


How do I check my credit score on Rocket?

You can check your credit score on the Rocket Money app from the dashboard.

What is the top 1 credit score?

The top credit score is anywhere around 850 to 900.

Does anyone have a 900 credit score?

It is a possible score in certain models other than FICO and VantageScore. In FICO Auto Score and FICO Bankcard score, the credit score can reach 900. However, in that case, the lower limit is even lower at 250.

Are Rocket Mortgage, LLC, and Rocket Money Inc. the same companies?

No. Rocket Mortgage LLC., and Rocket Money Inc., are not the same companies. However, both companies are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Rocket Companies Inc.

The portfolio of Rocket Companies includes many other related business entities as well.