How to Quickly Buy Verified PayPal Accounts?

In today’s digital world, every business is being shifted online. The days when customers used to visit stores physically to buy products or services are long gone.

Nowadays, people are stuck with their busy work lives.

Therefore, they do not have the time and energy for physical shopping. Many businesses have set up online stores considering the increased demand for online shopping.

However, online businesses also need a secure payment method to receive their earnings.

Besides online businesses, freelancers providing many services to their International clients also need a proper way to receive their payments.

In recent years, many apps have emerged on the Internet to help online businesses streamline their transactions.

However, PayPal remains the most significant and reliable virtual money payment system. It is undoubtedly one of the safest banking apps for online transactions.

Having a PayPal account for your online business can make things quite easier for you.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to use all the features of your PayPal account until you verify it. Having an unverified account puts many limitations on using PayPal’s many essential functions, including the withdrawal and transfer limit. However, verifying your PayPal account can be anything but easy.

If you want a verified PayPal account for your online business or freelancing career, scroll down to find everything you need to know about verifying a PayPal account!

What is a Verified PayPal Account?

Many people often wonder what a verified PayPal account is.

A verified PayPal account is worth investing in if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition. It is worth its weight in virtual gold.

In recent years, PayPal has become immensely popular among online business owners and freelancers for all the right reasons.

PayPal has both personal and business accounts. Due to the increased demand, PayPal has reserved verified accounts for businesses only.

However, not every business can acquire a verified PayPal account. When it comes to a verified account, PayPal has quite a lot of requirements that only legitimate and established businesses can fulfill.

Many people might be wondering what the hype around a verified PayPal account is about.

Online businesses having a verified PayPal account can maintain a good impression on their customers as everyone knows that only an authentic and established business can have a verified PayPal account.

With a verified PayPal account, you can transfer and receive money globally from your friends, family, and clients as often as you want.

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How to Create a Verified PayPal Account?

For their account verification, PayPal requires all users to give their social security or credit card numbers.

However, not all users feel comfortable giving their social security or credit card number, considering the number of online scams.

Therefore, the best approach is to use someone else’s credit card and social security number with their permission.

For that, you will need to find someone willing to give you their personal information.

Later, you can use their personal information on PayPal’s website to create your account. Within some time, you will receive an email from PayPal asking you to verify your account.

You can verify your account using a third party’s credit card and social security number.

Once you provide that information, your account will be verified.

However, verifying your PayPal account by using someone else’s credit card and social security number is challenging, as people keep both numbers confidential, and no one will risk sharing them with you.

How to Buy PayPal’s Verified Account Online?

Verified PayPal accounts are desired by many, but only a few are ready to do the hard work required to obtain them.

Many people want to have a verified PayPal account for their online business or freelancing career.

However, they are quite reluctant to enter their or anyone else’s credit card information. Also, many people find PayPal accounts quite hard to set up.

Do you fall in a similar category? Stress no more.

Many online websites have realized the high demand for verified PayPal accounts. Therefore, they have started selling verified PayPal accounts to people.

If you want to avoid the hassle of setting up a PayPal account and verifying it, you can buy it by spending some money.

Not sure how to do that? Here is how you can buy a verified PayPal account and grow your online business without any hassle:

Choose a Reliable Website

To buy a verified PayPal account, you will have to choose the best company offering the service.

While gazillions of online websites offer verified PayPal accounts, not every website offers the best service.

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Many websites claiming to provide you with a verified PayPal account for a lower price are not authentic at all. Instead, they are another scam on the Internet.

Therefore, before choosing any website for buying a verified PayPal account, you must do your research thoroughly.

A trustworthy company will have an authentic website with many customer testimonials. However, many companies might have bought fake customer reviews.

Therefore, if you invest a little time, you will be able to narrow down your search and find a credible website for buying a verified PayPal account.

Register Yourself on the Website

After choosing a reliable website, you will have to register and fulfill all the requirements required by the particular company to buy a verified PayPal account.

These requirements will be quite easy to fulfill.

You will just have to provide basic personal details to the company and add a mode of payment through which you will pay the company.

However, the requirements and fees for buying a verified PayPal account may vary from website to website.

Therefore, the good approach is to call the company’s customer support service. They will guide you further about the process.

Place Your Order

After fulfilling all the requirements, you will have to place your order. The particular website you chose might offer different kinds of PayPal accounts.

Choose the one that suits you and your business the best. Once you have placed the order, you will be asked to process the payment.

Later, the website will give you access to a verified PayPal account.

By doing so, you will be able to avoid the hassle of creating or setting up a PayPal account yourself.

Also, you will get access to a verified PayPal account without disclosing your personal information, such as your credit card number and social security number.

Why Should You Have a Verified PayPal Account for Your Business?

Some of the reasons why buying a verified PayPal account is important for your business:

Available in 150+ countries

Unlike others, PayPal has expanded its business over time. Currently, PayPal operates in almost 150+ countries in the world.

Therefore, it is no surprise why PayPal is immensely popular among merchants and consumers.

If you want to sell your products or services to a large target audience, you must have a verified PayPal account linked to your business.

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Low Fees

Before PayPal, other payment gateways used to take a lot of time to process payments and charge users a lot of service charges and maintenance fees.

However, that is not the case with PayPal at all.

PayPal charges no fee for smaller transactions or making payments to credible websites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and many others. 

How to Check the Status of Your PayPal Account?

While many people know how to check their PayPal accounts’ status, some are quite unfamiliar with the process.

If you also don’t know how to check the status of your PayPal account, stress no more. It is quite a simple process.

Just simply click on the “Account” and see your current status. You will see an “Unverified” status and a “Verify your account” option if you are not verified. However, you will not see this option if your account is verified.


PayPal is undoubtedly one of the most popular online payment gateways. With more than 3 billion users all across the globe, PayPal remains the top choice for people who want to kickstart their online business or freelancing career.

Not only does it help them transfer or receive payments from all across the globe, but it also ensures that their private information remains confidential.

While scammers and hackers have taken the Internet by storm, PayPal is still ensuring people that their payments and personal information remain safe with them.

It secures the users’ data using advanced encryption techniques like SSL. Also, users can set stronger passwords to protect their accounts.

If you are a freelancer or an online business owner, it is better to have a verified PayPal account, as customers or clients will know that you have a trusted account and you are what you claim to be, resulting in increased sales and orders.

Also, unlike others, PayPal will make it easier for you to transfer or receive funds from anyone in any country.

While PayPal does not offer verified accounts for sale, many third-party dealers do. You can buy a verified PayPal account from any website.

However, make sure to check the legitimacy of the website before processing your payment.