Cashier’s Check King Soopers: Fees, Requirements, Process, Limit, and More

Convenience is an essential aspect that we crave in today’s world. Whether we are shopping at a place or hiring a professional to provide services, all-in-one solutions are always preferable.

If we apply the convenience principle to retail and departmental stores, getting everything under one roof makes it easier to shop, pay bills, send or receive money, and a lot more.

King Soopers is a supermarket brand of Kroger that offers its services in the Rocky Mountains of the United States. With its headquarters in Colorado, the retail supermarket was established in 1957 by Lloyd J. King and Charles W. Houchens.

After only 10 years of operations, Dillon Companies bought the King Soopers in 1957. Later in 1982-83, Kroger took over the Dillon Companies, and King Sooper also became a subsidiary of Kroger.

King Soopers currently operates as a Kroger subsidiary and has stores in several locations like Wyoming, Front Range, Cheyenne, Pueblo, Denver, etc. The supermarket brand is also given the due credit for opening one of the first in-store pharmacies in the United States. Currently, they are offering products in different categories.

The company provides money services to customers under their Money Services. In this article, we are going to talk about cashier’s check cashing at King Soopers. So let’s get into it.

About King Soopers Money Services

As mentioned that King Soopers is not only working as a grocery store or supermarket but also providing money services to their customers. From check cashing to sending or receiving money, paying bills, and a lot more can be done using the Money Services of King Soopers.

If we have to sum up the money services you get with King Soopers, here is a brief list of them:

  • Check cashing service to cash different checks payable to you
  • Facility to bay bills from over 15000 billers to avoid late fees and shut-off notices
  • You can also avail of debit card cashing service to cash out amounts up to $5000 with King Soopers
  • Purchasing money orders to send money, pay bills, and a lot more
  • You can send money to your friends and family in over 200 countries.
  • Receive money sent to you via Western Union by visiting Western Union agent locations of King Soopers.
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Why King Soopers?

King Soopers is a subsidiary brand of Kroger, and there are many similar things in both. The brand identity of King Soopers is in line with Kroger, and that’s why the reason to choose King Soopers is the same as why you should prefer Kroger.

Here are the reasons why to choose King Soopers:

  • Convenience at its best with the capability to send money, purchase a prepaid card, pay bills, cash checks, or pay money orders.
  • You get access to over 200 countries to send money to or receive from your friends & family
  • When it comes to paying bills, you can pay bills of over 15000 billers
  • The fees for using King Sooper money services are not too high
  • An all-in-one solution

What Is Cashier Check?

A cashier check is also called a teller or official check; what differentiates cashier checks from personal checks is a guarantee.

Personal checks are issued on the guarantee of the account holder, and a financial institution’s guarantee does not secure it.

On the other hand, cashier checks are issued and guaranteed by financial institutions and credit unions through their own funds.

How it works is that an individual visits the bank/credit union, requests a cashier’s check, will move out the money from your account, and the bank teller will sign the check toward a third party.

Can King Soopers Issue/Sell Cashier Checks?

The actual question to be asked here is if King Soopers Money Services covers offering cashier’s checks to their consumers. Can King Soopers Money Services guarantee a check on their behalf?

The answer is a bit technical. So let’s start with who can sell or issue cashier’s checks to the consumer.

According to the regulations, only FDIC-insured banks and credit unions have the authority to sell or purchase cashier’s checks by guaranteeing the payment of the amount written on the check.

The next question to ask is if King Soopers is FDIC-insured.

The answer is no!

Therefore, we can easily answer now! King Soopers can not issue or sell cashier’s checks by guaranteeing the amount printed on the check.

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Can I Cash My Check At King Soopers?

Although you cannot purchase a cashier’s or even a personal check at King Soopers, you can avail of their check cashing service.

The check cashing service of King Soopers covers different types of checks. However, the question about the cashier’s check still remains there. We will need to know the types of accepted checks at King Soopers.

What Is Fee For Check Cashing?

King Soopers charges a check cashing fee, and it remains the same irrespective of the check type. The supermarket chain has categorized the fee into different tiers, depending on the amount of money printed on the check.

The cashier’s check fee is around $10 to $15, but you cannot purchase cashier’s checks from King Soopers.

If we talk about the fee for check cashing at King Soopers, it varies depending on the amount you are cashing at the store:

  • If you are cashing a check worth $2,000 or below, the price is $4.00 for people having King Soopers’ Shopper card and $4.50 for people not having a Shopper card.
  • If you are cashing a check worth $2,001 or above until $5,000, the price is $7.00 for people having King Soopers’ Shopper card and $7.50 for people not having a Shopper card.

Types Of Accepted Checks

Here are the types of checks you can take to the King Soopers and cash by paying a fee:

Payroll Checks

You can take your payroll checks to King Soopers’ money services counter and get your cash instantly.

Government Checks

The government checks you receive as benefits, credits, etc., can be cashed at King Soopers by paying a certain amount of fee.

Income Tax Refund

If you have an income tax refund from the tax department, you can take your check to the local store counter of King Soopers and ask them to cash the check.

Insurance Settlement

You can bring in your insurance settlement checks received from your insurance company and get the cash at local Money Services by King Soopers.

Business Checks

Business checks issued by a business or company in your name can easily be cashed at the King Soopers money services counter. The business checks can also be cashier’s checks depending on the business you are dealing with.

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Child Support Checks

You can also bring the child support checks to King Soopers’ money service counter and ask them to give you cash against it.

Debit Card Cashing

Get any amount by debit card cashing with the convenient, quick, and easy process at King Soopers Money Services.

Documents Required For Check Cashing

Which documents do you need to produce at the counter when asking for check cashing at King Soopers?

Here is what you will need to present for check cashing:

  1. You will need your check, of course.
  2. You must have your social security or Taxpayer identification number with you.
  3. Proof of identity is also required to cash the check. The proof of ID can be a passport, state-issued ID, Military ID, Matricula Consular ID, Tribal Nation or Reservation ID, Driver’s License, Resident Alien ID, etc.

What Is the Maximum Limit Of Cashier Check At King Soopers?

There is no clear idea about if you can bring a cashier’s check at King Soopers and cash it. However, the business checks are usually cashier’s checks to avoid bouncing or returning checks.

Talking about the cashier’s check limits, you can cash a check of up to $5000 at King Soopers’ money services counter. You will have to pay the check cashing fee depending on the amount printed on the check.

How To Cash Your Check At King Soopers?

Here is how to cash your check at King Soopers’ money services:

  1. Visit your nearest store where Money Services are available.
  2. Make sure you have all the required documents and check with you.
  3. Go to the Money Services Desk and let the team know about your needed services. They will take care of everything else.
  4. Receive your cash, and you are good to go.


We have discussed everything that you need to know about cashier’s checks by King Soopers. You can visit your nearest stores with any of the checks we have mentioned above to cash it. We hope the information mentioned in this article will help you cash your checks easily.