Cashier’s Check Zions Bank: Fees, Requirements, Process, Limit, And More

Digital banking is the new norm, but for many users, banking locally is a convenient solution. It might be due to their needs or preference. For instance, older adults are more comfortable with conventional banking. Similarly, businesses and institutions have such needs that compel them to rely on the traditional mode of banking.

Check is a banking instrument that is used by businesses and individuals alike. There are several types of checks, from personal checks to business checks and guaranteed checks.

Cashier’s checks are guaranteed checks issued by a bank and are not drawn on an account holder’s account. Instead, they are drawn on the bank and have the amount printed on them.

Cashier’s checks are considered a safe and reliable way to make payments when you have to pay large sums of money. Zions Bank is also one of the banks that provides different services, including cashier’s checks, counter checks, traveler checks, etc.

In this article, we are going to talk about cashier’s checks from Zions Bank, how to get them, limits, requirements, fees, and more. We will also discuss the accounts eligible for cashier’s checks and other things about Zions Bank. So let’s get into it.

About Zions Bank

Zions Bank is a division of Zions Bancorporation, N.A. Zions Bancorporation is a premier financial services company in the United States and works as a national bank holding company. There are seven affiliated banks through which Zions Bancorporation manages its primary banking functions. Each bank has its own pool of services, name, branding, operations, etc.

The seven affiliated banks are as follows: Zions Bank, Amegy Bank, California Bank & Trust (CB&T), National Bank of Arizona (NBAZ), Nevada State Bank (NSB), Vectra Bank Colorado (Vectra), and The Commerce Bank of Washington (TCBW).

The services of all the banks range from commercial banking to consumer banking, corporate banking, small and medium business solutions, real estate banking, wealth management, private banking, and capital market products. There are around 418 branches of all banks across different states of the U.S.

If we talk about the history of Zions Bank, it was established as Zions First National Bank in 1873 in Salt Lake City. Zions Bank is one of the oldest financial institutions providing diverse banking solutions and services to businesses and individuals.

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Currently, there are more than 120 full-service branches of Zions Bank across Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho.

When it comes to the most popular solutions of Zions Bank, it is considered as the market leader in US Small Business Administration lending, commercial loans, and international banking solutions.

What Are Different Checking Accounts Of Zions Bank?

Zions Bank offers different types of checking accounts to consumers and businesses. Let’s have a brief overview of each type of checking account offered by Zions Bank:

  • Anytime Checking do banking on your terms with a $50 minimum deposit and $0 monthly maintenance fee. The paper statement fee is $3.
  • Anytime Interest Checking –Do online and mobile banking at your fingertips with s $50 minimum deposit and a monthly maintenance fee of $10.
  • Premium Interest Checking –It is a perfect account for personal financial management. You must have a $50 minimum deposit and a monthly maintenance fee of $20. You can also waive the monthly maintenance fee by maintaining a minimum balance of $10,000.s
  • Military Advantage Checking –The army men’s bank account is for serving military officers who can do banking without any monthly maintenance fee.
  • On Budget Checking – On-budget checking account helps you to avoid overdraft fees and open your account with a minimum deposit of only $25 and a lower maintenance fee of $5
  • Saving Accounts –Saving accounts has several benefits and features to fit your financial needs and goals.
  • Digital Banking
  • Internet Checking – Internet banking has all the perks of conventional banking, a $100 minimum deposit and no monthly maintenance fee.

Cashier’s Check Zions Bank

Cashier’s checks, known as official or teller checks, are guaranteed by the bank. The cashier or teller of the authorized bank signs the check and guarantees the amount printed on the cashier’s check.

The difference between cashier’s checks and personal checks is that the former has the amount and name of the payee printed on the check.

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Like all cashier’s checks, the amount written on the check is immediately withdrawn from the account holder at the time of check issuance by the bank. For instance, if Alex has to pay $5000 to someone(Mr. John Smith), he chooses a cashier’s check to pay the amount.

Alex has, let’s say, a LifeGreen Checking account with Regions Bank; he visits the branch and asks to make a teller’s check of $5000 in the name of John Smith.

The bank will immediately withdraw the funds from Alex’s account. Once John Smith presents the check to the bank, the bank will pay the amount. However, the bank will debit the account of Alex at the time of the cashier’s check order placement. 

Can I Purchase Cashier’s Check From Zions Bank?

Every bank cannot provide consumers and account holders with a cashier’s check. Instead, only FDIC-insured banks, financial institutions, and credit unions can deal with cashier’s checks. If you have a bank account in one of the banks that FDIC insures to issue the cashier’s check, you can request a cashier check anytime.

What is true in the case of Zions bank?

Zions Bank is an FDIC-insured bank, and you can get the cashier’s check from the bank or request your check online via call or the banking app of Zions.

How To Get Cashier’s Check From Zions Bank?

In most cases, the banks do not provide the cashier’s check via online channels or digital banking. The account holders have to visit the branch of the bank and request the teller or cashier to issue the cashier’s check.

How do you get a cashier’s check from Zions Bank?

You get your cashier’s check for any amount from Zions bank in the following two ways:

  • Visit the Zions Bank Branch

The safest and most reliable way to get a cashier’s check to make a payment to any person or business is to visit the branch of Zions near your residence. You will have to request the cashier or teller to issue the cashier’s check according to your details.

  • Request The Check By Mail
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You can also request the cashier or official check via mail. You will need to call the Zions Bank helpline at 866-761-8349, provide them with the details, and order the check to be mailed to you or to the address as instructed by you.

What Is The Fee For Cashier’s Checks Zions Bank?

Here are the details of the fee for the cashier’s check from Zions Bank:

Personal cashier’s check Fee: $6

Personal Counter check: $1 per sheet

Premium Interest Checking: Fee Waiver

Gold Checking Account: Fee Waiver

Business Cashier’s check Fee: $6

Business Counter check: $1 per sheet

Maximum And Minimum Limits For Cashier’s Check

When banking with Zions Bank, there is no minimum or maximum limit implemented for the issuance of cashier’s checks from account holders’ funds. In general, we can describe the minimum and maximum limits as follows:

You can send $0.01 through a cashier’s check at minimum.

There is no limit on how much money you can send through cashier’s checks.

Can I Stop a Cashier’s Check?

Generally, the cashier’s checks do not come under a stop order. When the person whose name is printed on the check presents it to the bank, the bank is bound to make the payment.

However, the customer can put a stop order on the cashier’s check payment in special cases or lost checks. However, you will need to get the relevant information from your bank to proceed further.


Is Zions Bank FDIC Insured?

Yes, Zions Bank is an FDIC-insured bank, and you can avail of all the services as authorized by FDIC.

Why can’t every bank issue a cashier’s check?

You can not purchase cashier’s checks from any bank because a financial institution must be FDIC-insured to write cashier’s checks.

Which Accounts Are Eligible For Zions Bank Cashier’s Check?

All types of personal checking accounts, saving accounts, and money market accounts are eligible for cashier’s accounts. Similarly, the business accounts are also eligible for Zions bank cashier’s check.