Rooms To Go Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, and More (2022 Update)

Are you interested in the Rooms To Go Credit Card?

If so, this review will cover everything you need about the Rooms To Go Credit Card, including the application process, credit requirements, payment, rewards, benefits, and more.

You’ll even get advice on whether or not this card is right for you. 

The Rooms To Go Credit Card, also known as the RGT credit card, can be used at any of the company’s showrooms or online to purchase new furniture.

It is number 1 in the furniture space in the USA.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can log in and manage your Rooms To Go Credit Card by visiting the Company website and clicking on the Log in link here. Ensure that you provide the correct credential.
  • You can make payment for your Rooms To Go Credit Card by login into your credit card account, by phone number at 1-866-419-4096, and by mail at this payment address:
    • Synchrony Bank
    • P.O. Box 960061
    • Orlando, FL 32896-0061

There are several other areas of focus in this review as well, such as customer service and payment options in 2022.

Find out everything about the Rooms To Go Credit Card by reading on!

Rooms To Go Credit Card Login

You can log in to your Rooms To Go credit card account by going to the Synchrony Bank website and clicking on the Log in link at the top of the page.

Once you’re on the log in page, you’ll need to enter your username and password

By clicking the Register link, you can create an account if you don’t have a username and password.

After filling out the required information, be sure to select your preferred shipping method before hitting Continue

You can now review the summary of your order. Next up is choosing whether or not to set up automatic payments.

If so, enter your checking account information and hit Continue again; otherwise, select None and then hit Continue one last time. 

Make any necessary changes (e.g., address), and then confirm that all details are correct before pressing Place Your Order

How To Make a Rooms To Go Credit Card Payment?

You can make your Rooms To Go credit card payment online, by mail, or by phone. Paying online is as simple as logging into your account and going to your Make a Payment section.

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If you would like to withdraw money from your account on a specific date, please enter the amount and the date, then click Submit. 

In case you need to send a payment via mail, follow these:

  1. Your statement will contain the address where you should send it
  2. For over-the-phone payments, call the Rooms To Go support team at 1-866-419-4096
  3. Remember that if you’re mailing your payment with a check, cashier’s check, or money order, do not send cash through the mail. You can also text on this ROOMS (76667) Keyword SALES

Rooms To Go Credit Card Customer Service

You can access Rooms To Go Credit Card customer support in three different ways.

Live Chat

To access the live chat option with an agent, go to the Rooms To Go Card contact us page. 

Follow these steps.

  1. You can select the type of account you want from the website’s listing of Credit Card Partners.
  2. Now select the Rooms To Go card.
  4. Upon clicking the link, you will be redirected to the Rooms To Go website.
  5. To begin a chat, click the Chat icon or login into your account and select the Chat Now option.


To send a secure email to Rooms To Go Customer Support, follow these steps carefully.

  1. Select your account type from Credit Card Partners listed on the website.
  2. Now select the Rooms To Go credit card option.
  3. Now select the ACCOUNT ACCESS.
  4. Here loginto your account.
  5. Select Messages and send the email you want.

Phone Number

If you’re not sure how to reach the correct department, give Rooms To Go customer support a call at 1-866-419-4096.

Know More About Rooms To Go With A Credit Card

The first Rooms To Go store opened in 1991. Since then, it has become the largest independent furniture company in the United States.

Synchrony Bank’s Rooms To Go credit card lets you spread the cost of furniture purchases over time with 0% interest. 

The Rooms To Go credit card offers financing options for purchases, and cardholders can also take advantage of exclusive deals and promotions.

Each month, Rooms To Go cardholders have five options for making payments on their accounts, including online or in-store payments.

The card has a $0 annual fee, and no interest is charged on purchases if paid in full within the promotional period.

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Purchases made with the card outside of this window will accrue interest from the date of purchase. Interest rates vary between 18% and 28%.

These limitations might make it seem like the card isn’t worth considering, but there are some pros.

The first is that there’s no annual fee — as long as you pay your balance off in full each month, you won’t incur any additional costs. And it can only be used at Rooms To Go stores. 

Plus, it provides 0% APR financing for six months on purchases up to $5,000 (for six months) or 12 months (for up to $10,000).

So if you’re looking for a card that allows you to get something now and pay later without paying extra fees, then the Rooms To Go credit card may be just what you’re looking for.

Who is Eligible for the Rooms To Go Credit Card?

The Rooms To Go credit card is open to everyone who accepts the application. The credit card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and has a $0 annual fee.

No minimum credit score is required, though a good credit history is required.

To apply for the Rooms To Go credit card, you must provide your name, address, date of birth, social security number, and income.

You will also need to have a valid email address and phone number. 

Once approved, there are no monthly or set-up fees associated with the Rooms To Go credit card. There is a 29.99% APR on all purchases made with this card, which includes balances transferred from other accounts. 

How Will Receiving this Credit Card Impact My Credit Score?

Your credit score is essential because it is one factor that lenders look at when considering whether or not to give you a loan.

If you have an excellent credit score, keep doing what you’re doing! If your credit score isn’t so great, it’s time to start working on fixing those problems before applying for this card. 

The best way to improve your credit score is by making timely payments and keeping outstanding balances as low as possible.

You may have to work hard, but if you put in some effort, you can have a higher credit score in no time!

Is There An Annual Fee For Using A Room To Go Credit Card?

The Rooms To Go credit card does not have an annual fee, making it an excellent option for those who want to finance their furniture purchases.

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There is, however, a minimum monthly payment required. You will be charged a fee for late payments or missed payments. 

You can avoid these fees by paying on time and monthly. A benefit of using the Rooms To Go credit card is that there are no pre-set spending limits.

The company also offers unique financing options with no upfront payments

Those with bad credit may also find this card helpful because they may get approved even if they don’t qualify for other types of cards. 

What Rewards Does This Card Offer?

The Rooms To Go credit card offers a variety of rewards for its users. These rewards include unique financing options, exclusive discounts, and early access to sales. 

Plus, customers can earn points on every purchase, which can be redeemed for cash back or merchandise.

These points are rated at 1 point per $1 spent, with 5% more points on qualifying purchases. This card has no annual fee, and an intro APR offer is available during the first year.


Can I Use My Rooms To Go Credit Card Anywhere MasterCard Is Accepted?

The Rooms To Go credit card is similar to the Ashley Furniture HomeStore credit card in that it can only be used to finance purchases.

Therefore, you can’t use the Rooms To Go Credit card where MasterCard is accepted.

Do They Have Customer Service Available 24/7?

Yes, they have customer service available 24/7. Their customer service team is there to help you with any questions or concerns.

They want to ensure you’re taken care of, so feel free to reach out with your queries anytime.

How Do I Apply For The Rooms To Go With A Credit Card?

Applying for the Rooms To Go Credit Card is easy! The application can be filled out on their website.

Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to start using your card right away.

What Are Rooms To Go Card Autopay?

Paying your Rooms To Go Card automatically lets you have your payments deducted each month automatically on the due date.

Payments are made either in the Statement Balance, the Total Minimum Payment Due, or as self-selected (other) amounts by you.