Notary Services at UPS Stores Review: Here Are Everything You Need to Know

You may need to attest or notarize legal documents for legal use. UPS stores offer a convenient option for notary services through their wide network of around 4,000 locations in the US.

Let us guide take a brief review of notary services at UPS stores and see how the notary service work.

What is Document Notarization?

Notarization is the process that makes sure a legal document is authentic and trusted. A Notary Public authenticates the signatures on a document.

A Notary public is a registered government agent to carry out document attestation and notarization services. A notary is registered by each state, holds a public office, or provides services online.

Most notarization services are required by law to verify the authenticity of a legal document. A notary acts as a third-party or neutral authorized person to verify the authenticity of the documents.

Applicants can notarize public documents as well as signature verification of the authorized person or witnesses.

What Can Documents be Notarized?

Depending on the type or needs of an applicant, there are several types of legal documents that can be notarized.

Some commonly notarized documents include:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Deeds
  • Advance directive forms
  • Power of Attorney documents
  • Contracts
  • Affidavits

A notary public is authorized to attest or notarize most legal documents as well as signature verifications.

However, not all notary services, like the UPS stores, can notarize all types of documents.

Types of Notary Services – The Notarial Act

A notary service can provide different types of services. The type of notarization usually depends on the legal requirements of the applicant.


An acknowledgment is the verification of signatures of a person owning a legal document such as ownership of an asset, trust, or power of attorney.

The notary public usually calls the signatory in person, verifies the signature, and ensures the signatures were made willingly.

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A jurat is an additional attestation of a legal document, with the signer appearing in person and signing the documents before the notary public.

Additionally, the signer takes a public oath testifying that the content of the legal documents is true and it is signed willingly.

Certified Copy

It is a less common type of notarial service where a notary public verifies that the copy of a legal document is true, the same, and authentic.

It is commonly used for personal identification documents like passports, degrees, and photo IDs.

How Does the Notarization Work?

In the first step, the notary public verifies the identity of the signer. The document screening for originality and understanding of the documents is also done in the first step.

Then, the notary will record the details of the signer, the legal document, and witnesses (if any).

Although it is not a legal requirement, most notary public services will keep a chronological record of documents notarized/attested for future reference.

Finally, the notary public will sign and stamp the document to complete the notarization process. A notarial certificate may complement the process to verify the process.

Notary Services at UPS Stores

The UPS stores in the US are authorized to provide notarization services. However, not all of its stores are authorized for all types of legal document notarization.

Some of its stores cannot notarize I-9 (employment eligibility forms) or Wills, while others may provide complete services. So, check with the nearest UPS store whether the required services are available at that branch.

What Do You Need to Get Notarization at UPS Stores?

The exact requirements for notary services may vary by state. Generally, most requirements are identity-related for the applicants.

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You must be 18 years old and bring a valid photo ID with you. Also, you may need to sign the legal documents in front of the notary public.

If you need legal witnesses to sign the documents, they must also sign before the notary. A notary public cannot serve as a witness for you.

Similarly, if there are two signing parties (in a contract), both of them should sign the contract or documents in a notary’s office.

How to Schedule an Appointment at a UPS Store?

You can book an appointment at a UPS store to avoid inconvenience. You can follow these simple steps to schedule an appointment at the nearest UPS store for a notary service.

  • Visit the UPS store website first.
  • Locate the “Services” tab from the menu and search for the notary services link.
  • Select the notary service and choose the “schedule an appointment” link.
  • Choose an appropriate date, location, and store for you.
  • Review store details for further convenience and finalize the process.

You can choose a store from the map and find the nearest one to you easily. Also, check for UPS stores offering the notarization of documents that you require.

What is the Cost of Document Notarization at UPS Stores?

UPS does not disclose the official charges for notary services. The exact cost will also depend on the number of pages on the document.

You can expect to pay a fee of around $15 per document page at UPS stores though. Although this fee varies considerably from offline to online notary service providers.

Some notary services may also charge on a “per seal/stamp” basis. Then again, the total cost will vary by state and the service provider.

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Usually, online notary service providers are cheaper than conventional methods.

Can You Notarize Documents Online through UPS Store Services?

No, UPS store services do not offer online notarization services. Although you can book an appointment to avoid the rush and save time.

You can choose from one of the alternatives mentioned below if you are looking for an online notary service provider.

Pros and Cons of Using UPS Stores for Notarization

Getting notary services from UPS stores has several benefits and limitations.

Pros Explained:

  • UPS stores have a large number of branch locations throughout the country.
  • You can book an appointment to save time.
  • You can make copies of notarized documents or obtain several other services at the same place.
  • UPS stores offer shipping and other document-handling services too.

Cons Explained:

  • You do not know the exact charges before you ask at a UPS store.
  • There is no online notary service on offer from UPS stores.
  • UPS stores do not offer all types of notarization services; for instance, they do not notarize wills and I-9 employment eligibility forms.

Alternatives to UPS Stores for Notary Services

UPS stores offer a convenient and affordable notarization service with a wide network of branches throughout the country. However, there are a few other alternatives that you may consider too.

  • Banks, insurance agents, real estate agents.
  • Public libraries.
  • Courthouses
  • AAA stores
  • Law offices
  • Some money transfer agent locations.
  • Online notary services like notarize, NotaryCam, OneNotary, etc.

Each of these notary service providers comes with discrete benefits. For instance, online services offer the most convenient method to get documents notarized.