Is the FBC Fund Legit? (The Answer is Big No)

FBC refers to Finance and Business Capital Ltd. FBC, an investment platform that started in December 2016 in the United Kingdom. Traditionally, investors would carry out market research themselves to make a sound investment or hire brokers to make an investment decision in their best interest.

However, this method requires a lot of paperwork, delays, and broker’s fees.

So, to identify the needs of investors, many investment platforms were initiated. These investment platforms provide administrative services to investors making their financial management easier.

These investment platforms are ‘execution only’ as it follows the investor’s decision and does not provide any investment advice to their clients as official brokers do.

The specialty of the FBC investment platform lies in its algorithm called RJV12 which claims to predict the stock market and crypto-currency trends in the short term.

So the FBC uses your money to trade in the stock exchange or crypto and in return you are offered to earn passive income at a consistent rate.

There are five packages available on the FBC website ranging from a minimum return of 0.5% every day for a year on putting as low as $50 to a maximum return of 3% every day for a year on investing a minimum of $10,000.

Interestingly, the FBC does not obtain any information from the investor, i.e. there are no criteria for the investor based on age, nationality, region, or income. 

FBC also has an ‘affiliate program‘ in which it encourages its members to promote its business and earn rewards. It can be to expand the company locally and internationally or it might be a Ponzi scheme; we’ll find out from user reviews.

FBC became famous after its early investment in the DeFi sector, such as Yearn Finance and its acquisition of 20% of Vectra Coin. This news might have made people believe in FBC’s claim about market prediction.

Another reason behind the hype is its aggressive marketing as almost every website became flooded with FBC advertisements and YouTube comments were spammed with positive reviews about the FBC. All these events surged curiosity among the public about FBC funds.

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So, Is the FBC fund legit?

The short answer is NO.

If you don’t want to believe in any of the reviews available online or you are confused by the mix of positive and negative opinions, then the following are some red flags to observe when you input FBC in your search engine.

  • Receiving the message ‘Page Not Found when trying to open FBC’s official website is the first sign of fraud.
  • The rest of the information available on the internet regarding FBC is from unreliable resources that seem scandalous and promotional.
  • Moreover, this information lacks consistency as one source claims a maximum return of 3% while another announces to offer a return of 300%. Without having access to the official website, we can’t evaluate the actual deal.
  • FBC has changed the names of its algorithm five times in half a year which creates a lot of confusion and doubt about its authenticity. You will come across the names FBC13, FBC14, RJVX13, RJVX14, and RJV12, which label the same FBC algorithm.
  • There are just a handful of YouTube video reviews and article reviews which surprisingly are all posted recently, although the company started way back in 2016.
  • Furthermore, the articles are identical copies of each other just posted on different blogs and the YouTube review videos seem scripted.
  • It is weird that an investment platform does not ask for your identity, contact details, or income credibility and promises you a profit of 300% straight away.

Deeper research on FBC has revealed some more suspicions.

  • One video and multiple answers on Quora clearly state that FBC is spamming YouTube channels with uniform positive comments using their algorithm as keywords. Not just this, but it is also paying people to positively review its services.
  • FBC provides no contact information and the only way to reach out to them is through their live chat, which is not always live. Plus, getting ghosted by the support managers after receiving your money is another frequent complaint.  
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It’s always better to be safe than sorry. FBC is questionable and far from legit so other options should be considered when investing your money. It is advisable not to get blinded by big numbers which are too good to be true.

There is a question mark on how did the FBC grow thousands of percent and whether investing in DeFi was just luck or can the FBC algorithm really predicts the stock and crypto market?

If not, where do they get the funds for aggressive marketing and paid reviews?

Does this come from prowling people or do they make actual profits? Whether you find the true answer, Benjamin Franklin would say, ‘When in doubt, don’t.’


FBC is a UK-based unregulated fund. It claims to have a comprehensive algorithm to predict the stock exchange movement and the crypto.

So, they offer you a return daily. There are five different investment options available for investors. The return offered by these options varies from 0.5% to 3% per day.

Further, FBC does not require your personal details and contact information for the investment. Likewise, FBC has invested in the Defi-investment and Victoria Coin.

Based on our research and understanding, we conclude that FBC funds are not legit. This fund is not regulated, reliable information is not available, the return offered is higher than normal, and their website is not accessible.

All of these facts indicate that FBC funds are not legit funds. In addition to this, FBC funds have changed five algorithms in recent times.

Likewise, all of the reviews on the internet for the FBC funds are new and the fund itself is older. It indicates this fund can be fraud, scam, and not legit. Please note that it’s our conclusion based on extensive research and facts analysis.

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Frequently asked questions

When are the funds said to be legitimate?

The funds are said to be legitimate when registered with the regulators and comply with the directives and provisions issued by them. Further, if funds are not legitimate, it can lead to scam and loss of money by the investors.  

What is the RJVC12 algorithm in the FBC funds?

It’s an artificial system for the investment used by FBC funds. They claim their system is comprehensive and investment can be enhanced exponentially via investing in this fund. This system is designed to predict the movement of the stock value.

When FBC was started and what were its investment strategies?

FBC funds was started back in December 2016. And their investment strategies include investing in the stock exchange and cryptocurrencies. They claim to provide a return daily. Further, they claim that their algorithm is highly effective in the short term with the ability to generate a significant return.

Should I invest in the FBC funds?

On the basis of extensive research and market dynamics, we recommend not to invest in the FBC funds; it’s because this fund is not regulated, and certain signs indicate the fund is not legit. Hence, one should look for alternate investment options.

Is it a good idea to invest in cryptocurrency?

Yes, investing in cryptocurrency is a good idea when you intend to presume a higher risk on the investment. There are higher chances of generating a return. However, at the same time, there is a higher risk. Hence, you can lose all of the money invested.

It should be noted that early investors in cryptocurrency have made billions by investing in the same. Although, it seems that the same level of return may not be possible. However, still good returns can be generated by investing in crypto. However, each step needs to be taken with due consideration.