Does Apple Give Employee Discounts in 2022?

Apple has a special discount program for its employees and employees of its partners as well. This program lets its employee’s purchase company products at discounted prices.

Apple also has some other employee benefit plans for its employees.

Let’s discuss the employee purchase program and some other employee benefits at Apple.

Apple Employee Purchase Program

Apple is one of the few tech companies that offer special discounts on its products to its employees. If you’re an Apple employee, you probably already know that.

Apple’s flagship employee purchase program (EPP) is for current employees, contractors, members, and family members of participating companies, and other organizations (“Employer”).

You must be 18 years old and prove your eligibility to claim a discount through EPP. This program is intended for the personal use of employees only.

Apple employees can get a special discount on three system bundles or displays, three iPads, three iPhones, three Watches, and up to ten iPods each calendar year from January 1 to December 31.

The purchase limit applies to employee purchases made for friends and family members. So, you cannot exceed the limit if you sponsor a discounted purchase for a loved one.

The EPP offers are non-transferable. Also, this program includes products offered on an “as-is” basis which may include refurbished items from Apple stores.

According to the popular job site Glassdoor, Apple employees get a discount of up to 25% through EPP each year.

It also offers a discount of $250 on an iPad and $500 on a Mac purchase. The package includes a discount of 50% on Apple software as well.

Apple Partner Employee Purchase Program

Apple has a similar discount program for the employees of its partners (suppliers, vendors, trade partners, etc.).

The partner employee purchase program (PEPP) is for current employees or contractors of participating companies, and other organizations. Like EPP, this program is also intended for personal use.

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Eligible employees from Apple’s partner network can purchase or sponsor one Mac, one iPad, one iPhone, one Watch, and one iPod every calendar year.

You must be 18 years old and show proof of identity and employment status. Sponsoring a purchase means buying a product at discount for a friend or family member.

How to Get More Discounts from Apple?

Then, there are different types of discount and benefit programs for Apple employees and customers.

Employees can take advantage of these promotional discounts and benefit programs as well.

Apple Government Employee Discount

Apple offers special discounts on different products to government employees and contractors of government agencies.

This program is also for personal use purchases only. Government employees, contractors, and employees of government agencies can obtain these discounts.

Friends and family members of government employees can also get this discount on selected items.

You must be 18 years old and show proof of government employment to avail of these discounts. Buyers cannot purchase products under this plan for resale.

Also, if you apply for a discount under the government purchase plan, you cannot obtain Apple Card Monthly Installments (ACMI).

Apple Veterans Discounts

Current and veteran US military, national guard, and reserve members can enjoy a 10% discount on Apple products and accessories.

The discount can be obtained on online and in-store purchases. It is for personal use only and can be availed for immediate family members residing in the same house as well.

However, as with other plans, this discount offer cannot be combined with the Apple Card Monthly Installment (ACMI) offer.

Apple College Discount

College students can enjoy special discounts on Apple products like iPhones, iPad, and Mac throughout the year. It is not a fixed amount or percentage discount.

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Apple offers this discount in the form of gift cards. These cards can then be used to purchase other items. Also, it offers a special monthly installment plan for college students.

The installment plan for students currently offers a low APR ranging from 12.49% to 23.49%. The APR of the selected plan depends on the creditworthiness of the applicant.

Additionally, college students can enjoy a discount on premium apps in the Apple app store. Also, they get discounted prices on Apple TV and music subscriptions.

Apple Education and Teachers Discount

Educators and teachers also get special discounts on different Apple products throughout the year.

Educational institutes and schools get tax exemptions on qualified purchases as well. Teachers need to bring proof of employment and register for these special discounts.

Apple Deals and Discounts

Employees of private companies and regular customers can also enjoy different deals and discounts throughout the year from Apple.

For instance, Apple has a special offer for businesses that lets them finance its products for their employees. It creates a win-win situation for the employer and the employees.

Employers get the latest devices from Apple at special prices and financing, and employees get hands-on experience using the latest gadgets.

Similarly, Apple offers promotions, seasonal discounts, Black Friday discounts, refurbished products, and other offers that are available for its employees as well as regular customers.

Apple Trade-In

Everyone loves to have the latest Apple device under their use. This is where the trade-in program comes in handy.

Apple employees and customers can enjoy discounted prices on newer devices when they trade in the old ones.

Customers can get a gift card if they do not want to purchase a new device immediately.

Customers can enjoy a trade-in value of up to $595 on smartphones and $ 1,490 on computers. Similarly, each category will have an upper limit for the maximum trade-in value.

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Other Employee Benefits at Apple

Apple employees get some of the best perks and privileges in the tech industry. Apart from the employee purchase plan, they can enjoy several other types of employment benefits at Apple.

Apple Salary and Bonuses

According to PayScale, the average basic salary of an Apple employee is $ 129,000 per year.

Like any other employer, the average salaries for different job positions vary by skill and experience levels.

PayScale reports an average bonus of $12,000 per year for these employees on top of their base salaries.

Again, the amount of yearly bonus will depend on the base pay, experience, and profession of the employee.


Apple provides different types of insurance plans to its employees. These plans include life insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and disability insurance.

Retirement Plans

Along with the other financial perks, Apple employees also receive a matching contribution on 401(k) retirement plans.

These retirement plan contributions are legally binding for Apple like any other public company.

Apple Employee Stock Options

Unlike its competitors and other tech giants, Apple recently extended its employee stock option program to non-executive employees.

According to a CNN report, the company intends to offer company shares to all of its employees. The initial plan to offer company shares ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000.

Other Perks and Benefits

Apple also offers some recreational activities like music shows, free beer, and recreational incentives for its employees occasionally.

For example, it offered a paid leave of up to 12 days to its newly recruited employees. Some of its employees also reported a paid gym membership of $300 annually from the company as well.