Does AMPM Take EBT? (Everything You Need To Know)

Yes, the majority of AMPM stores do accept EBT for in-store transactions. However, this is only a blanket policy across some of their locations.

Notably, some stores in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Montana have opted not to accept EBT. 

As always, if you plan to use EBT at AMPM, it’s wise to check ahead of time with the specific store you plan to visit to confirm their policy.

A snapshot of AMPM stores’ EBT acceptance across various states is as follows:

  • California: Yes
  • Arizona: Yes
  • Nevada: Yes
  • Oregon: Yes
  • Washington: Yes
  • Alaska: No
  • Hawaii: No
  • Louisiana: No
  • Montana: No

Despite the widespread acceptance of EBT at AMPM stores, there are a few additional points you should be aware of:

  1. Eligible Items Only: The EBT card is only valid for purchasing eligible food items.
  2. Exclusions: EBT cannot be used to buy hot foods, prepared foods, or alcoholic beverages at AMPM stores.
  3. Identification: To process an EBT transaction, you’ll need to present your EBT card and a legitimate government-issued ID.

Remember, store policies can evolve, so for the most accurate and current information regarding AMPM’s EBT policy, it’s advisable to contact your local store directly.

What is the Alternative to EBT that AMPM takes?

If you’re shopping at AMPM and don’t have an EBT card or prefer not to use it, you’ll be glad to know that there are multiple alternative payment methods available:


Good old-fashioned physical coins and paper bills. She is universally accepted across AMPM outlets.

What are Credit Card taken by AMPM?

When fueling up or shopping at AMPM, customers have various credit card options available for payment. Here are the credit cards that AMPM accepts:

  1. Visa: A widely accepted credit card.
  2. MasterCard: Another popular credit card recognized internationally.
  3. Discover: A credit card primarily used in the U.S.
  4. American Express: Also known as Amex, this credit card is recognized globally.
  5. Diners Club: A credit card mainly used for travel and dining.
  6. JCB: A credit card originating from Japan with international acceptance.
  7. China UnionPay: One of the largest credit card networks based in China.
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Apart from traditional credit cards, AMPM also embraces modern payment methods:

  1. Apple Pay: A contactless payment system that utilizes Apple devices.
  2. Google Pay: A contactless payment system compatible with Android devices.

However, it’s crucial to note that AMPM does not accept prepaid cards, gift cards, or specific store credit cards. Always ensure your payment method aligns with the store’s policies before purchasing.

Does Debit Cards Accepted by AMPM?

When shopping or refueling at AMPM, various debit card options are available for patrons. 

The following lists the debit cards that AMPM recognizes:

  1. Visa: Operating under the Visa network.
  2. Mastercard: Operating under the Mastercard network.
  3. Discover A debit card associated with the Discover network.
  4. American Express: A debit card connected to the American Express network.
  5. Maestro: A multi-national debit card service.
  6. Cirrus: A global ATM network linked with Mastercard.
  7. Plus: An interbank network, primarily for ATMs.

However, customers must be aware that some AMPM outlets might only accept some of the mentioned debit cards. 

It’s always best to consult with a store employee about their debit card acceptance policy.

Additional Insights on AMPM’s Debit Card Policy:

  • AMPM does not impose a fee when customers transact using a debit card.
  • However, there might be a convenience fee when utilizing a debit card for gasoline purchases at AMPM.
  • It’s also worth noting that while a debit card might belong to a prominent network, AMPM may only sometimes accept it. Ensure your card aligns with the store’s policies before initiating a transaction.

What are the Gift Card that AMPM takes?

AMPM offers its customers a variety of payment options, including a wide range of gift cards. 

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Here’s a comprehensive list of gift cards that AMPM acknowledges:

  1. AMPM Gift Card: AMPM has its own branded gift card that can be redeemed in-store or online.
  2. Visa Gift Card: Widely accepted, this gift card can also be redeemed at AMPM locations.
  3. Mastercard Gift Card: Another universal gift card choice welcomed by AMPM.
  4. American Express Gift Card: AMPM permits transactions made with this premium gift card brand.
  5. Discover Gift Card: Redeemable both in-store or online at AMPM.
  6. Giftogram: A versatile gift card solution that can be used at AMPM outlets.
  7. Gyft is a digital gift card platform whose cards are also accepted by AMPM.
  8. Raise: This gift card brand finds acceptance at AMPM as well.
  9. CardCash: Customers can make purchases at AMPM using CardCash gift cards.
  10. GiftCard Mall: Another choice of gift card that can be redeemed at AMPM locations.

However, customers should know that specific terms may be associated with these gift cards. 

For instance, certain cards might have a minimum purchase stipulation or come with an expiration date. 

Hence, to avoid potential confusion or inconvenience, familiarize oneself with the terms set by the gift card issuer.

Beyond these gift cards, AMPM continues accommodating other conventional payment forms such as cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards.

Apple Pay: A digital wallet and mobile payment service by Apple Inc. It allows users to make payments using their iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Google Pay: Another digital wallet platform and online payment system, but by Google. It facilitates payments with Android phones, tablets, or watches.

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While most AMPM locations will likely accept these payment methods, there might be exceptions based on the store’s specific policy.

Therefore, checking with an employee before purchasing is always a good idea if you need clarification or have specific questions about a store’s payment options.

AMPM Open and Close Schedule

Navigating through AMPM’s store hours is straightforward. The stores welcome customers bright and early from 6 am from Sunday to Thursday, and the doors remain open until 1 am. 

However, the weekend vibes kick in a bit later, with the stores staying open until 2 am on both Friday and Saturday.

However, a one-size-fits-all approach is only sometimes applicable when it comes to AMPM’s hours of operation. 

These hours can change based on the store’s location. 

If you’re planning a visit, a quick phone call to your nearby AMPM can ensure you’re not met with locked doors.

Holidays also bring a few modifications to AMPM’s regular schedule:

  • Christmas Day: This festive occasion sees most AMPM stores keeping their shutters down.
  • Thanksgiving Day: The spirit of gratitude might see you at AMPM, which generally stays open from 6 a.m. to a slightly early 1 pm.
  • New Year’s Day: Celebrating the new year’s dawn, most AMPM stores alter their timings to operate from 7 am until 1 am.
  • Easter Sunday: The Easter Bunny and AMPM both start early at 6 am, but the stores wrap up by 8 pm.
  • Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day: AMPM maintains its standard operating hours of 6 am to 1 am on these notable days.

Remember, these timings provide a general guideline, and it’s always a good practice to check specific store hours during holidays.