Cashier’s Check Union Bank: Fees, Requirements, Process, Limit, And More

Personal checks, business checks, bank overdrafts, and money orders are the banking instruments that are still relevant despite of digital revolution. Most people rely on banking apps and internet banking for making personal transactions, shopping, mobile top-ups, etc.

However, regarding official uses, checks and money orders are the most commonly used banking instruments. 

Most people prefer official or teller checks for making payments with huge amounts. In other cases, money orders are used by businesses and institutions.

However, not every bank offers cashier’s bank/teller’s bank facilities to its customers. You might be planning to use the cashier’s check to make payments and are unsure which bank to open an account with.

If you are considering opening your bank account with Union Bank or already have an account there, you will be interested in knowing if the bank issues cashier’s checks.

We will talk about Union Bank cashier’s account, who can get that, which accounts are eligible, the fee, and everything else you need to know.

So let’s get into it.

About Union Bank

MUFG Union Bank, aka Union Bank, is a national bank established in 1864 as The Bank of California. Later on, it was renowned as Union Bank of California in 1996 after the bank’s merger with Union Bank, N.A. It became the direct subsidiary of UnionBanCal Corporation.

In 1999, the UnionBanCal Corporation became a publicly traded company on NYSE. It was 2008 when Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ bought all outstanding shares of UnionBanCal Corporation. In 2018, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. changed its name to MUFG Bank, Ltd.

Currently, the bank is known as a national-level bank with 398 branches in different states of the U.S. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MUFG Americas Holdings.

The bank provides its services in commercial banking, consumer banking, and corporate banking. The bank has its headquarters in New York City, MUFG Union Bank.

Checking Accounts Of Union Bank

If we talk about modern-day Union Bank’s checking accounts, they offer such accounts for both personal and business banking. Here are the brief details of the checking accounts offered by the bank:

Personal Accounts

The bank offers the following two personal checking accounts:

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Bank Freely Checking Account

It is a free account with no monthly maintenance fee. There is no minimum deposit for opening Bank Freely Checking Account, and you can enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Free deposit overdraft protection transfer
  • Free overdraft for amounts less than $5
  • Two discounted transactions on non-Union bank ATMs

Priority Banking Account

A Priority Banking checking account has no minimum deposit requirements, but a monthly maintenance fee is $25. You can enjoy the following benefits by opening a Priority Banking Checking account:

  • Enjoy unlimited discounted transactions at non-Union Bank ATMs
  • Avoid the monthly maintenance fee by maintaining an average monthly ledger balance of $25k Or by having a Union Bank Mortgage
  • Enjoy free overdraft protection transfer, but an overdraft fee might charge you
  • It is an interest-bearing account

Business Accounts

If you want to have a business account, you have the following options:

Bank Freely Business Checking Account

It works like a personal free banking checking account that has a $0 monthly fee and no minimum deposit requirements. The benefits you can enjoy with the checking account are as follows:

  • Two discounted transactions on non-Union bank ATMs
  • You get free transactions across any Union Bank ATM across the world
  • No charge on the first $10,000 cash deposit
  • Unlimited combined transactions

Analyzed Business Checking Account

The analyzed business checking account is for the business with no minimum deposit requirement. Additional benefits of the account are as follows:

  • Free deposit of first $20,000 of cash in every statement period
  • You are entitled to earn credits based on your account balance
  • Get a discount on service charges by using a credit

Cashier’s Check Union Bank

Cashier’s check is also called a teller check or official check. The Union Bank cashier’s check is the one with the bank’s guarantee about the amount written on the check.

Like all cashier’s checks, the amount written on the check is immediately withdrawn from the account holder at the time of check issuance by the bank. For instance, if Alex has to pay $5000 to someone(Mr. John Smith), he chooses a cashier’s check to pay the amount.

Alex has, let’s say, a Checking account with Union Bank; he visits the branch and asks to make a teller’s check of $5000 in the name of John Smith.

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The bank will immediately withdraw the funds from Alex’s account. Once John Smith presents the check to the bank, the bank will pay the amount. However, the bank will debit the account of Alex at the time of the cashier’s check order placement. 

Can I Purchase Cashier’s Bank From Union Bank?

Any FDIC-insured bank or financial institution has the authority to issue the cashier’s check to personal or business customers.

So the real question that arises here is if Union Bank is FDIC-insured and has the authority to sell cashier’s or teller’s checks to its customers.

The answer is Yes! Union Bank is an FDIC-insured banking institution and is authorized to sell official checks to customers who request the bank.

Therefore, if you are considering Union Bank for a checking account, rest assured that you can get a cashier’s check at the bank.

How To Get Cashier’s Check From Union Bank?

Now the next question that might be coming to your mind is how to get a cashier’s check from Union Bank. So here is how you can request the bank to issue you the cashier’s check:


You can visit to order your cashier’s check. You can enter your check design, and verify your order status, mailing address, and other details to order your official checks online.

Visiting The Branch

You can also visit the Union Bank branch and follow the procedure to order your new checks, be it cashier or certified checks.

It is one of the safest ways to order the cashier’s check as there is the least chance of the check getting stolen, lost, or damaged, unlike the mailing method.

By Mail

You can also call the official hotline for cashier’s checks and official checks. The bank will mail the check to your mailing address, as mentioned in the bank details. Here is the hotline of Union Bank:


Which Accounts Are Eligible For Union Bank Cashier’s Checks?

All checking accounts of the Union Bank are eligible for ordering or requesting cashier’s checks or money orders.

Besides, the savings accounts of Union Bank are also believed to be eligible for cashier’s checks. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about which account to open as you will get the facility of teller’s checks irrespective of account type.

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Requirements For Union Bank Teller Check

When you want to order a cashier’s check from Union Bank or visit the branch to request a cashier’s check, here are some requirements you have to fulfill:

  1. A bank account with Union Bank(checking or savings account)
  2. Identity proof with the picture on it
  3. Name of the payee
  4. Details as required by a bank

Maximum And Minimum Limits For Union Bank Cashier’s Check

When banking with Union Bank, there is no minimum or maximum limit implemented for the issuance of cashier’s checks from account holders’ funds. In general, we can describe the minimum and maximum limits as follows:

You can send $0.01 through a cashier’s check at minimum.

There is no limit on how much money you can send through cashier’s checks.

What Is The Fee For The Cashier’s Check Of Union Bank?

Unlike many other banks, Union Bank doesn’t charge the customers for every cashier or counter check. Instead, a fixed monthly charge of $1 remains intact irrespective of check purchase.

But the perk of checking accounts is that you have to pay only $1 for an unlimited number of checks.

Can I Stop Cashier’s Check?

Generally, the cashier’s checks do not come under a stop order. When the person whose name is printed on the check presents it to the bank, the bank is bound to make the payment.

However, the customer can put a stop order on the cashier’s check payment in special cases or lost checks. However, you will need to get the relevant information from your bank to proceed further.


We have discussed everything related to Union Bank cashier’s bank and how you can get it. You can purchase cashier’s checks or money orders from Union Bank, irrespective of your checking account type.

Besides you can also cash your teller checks payable to you by visiting Union Bank. We hope this information will be helpful for you in deciding which bank to open your account with.