Is Legit Or A Scam? (All You Need to Know)

With all the scam websites out there, it can be hard to tell which ones are real and which ones are just posing as legitimate offers to get you to sign up. If you’re looking into Flash Rewards, you’re probably wondering if it’s legit or a scam? 

To find whether it is legit or a scam, we researched different platforms, including QuoraTrustPilotScam Detector, and others. The majority of users gave positive and negative ratings; therefore, is a suspicious website. Let’s look at some information about FlashRewards that will help us decide whether it’s legit or a scam!

Is Flash Rewards Legit? Does It Pay?

The ability to complete sponsored offers for cash rewards is convenient but also problematic. The risk of not receiving credits always exists, regardless of your platform. 

Due to incorrect tracking of offers by many companies, payments are delayed by claiming system errors. It would not be easy to know precisely what is happening.

Based on the review of Trustpilot, the site has mixed reviews. Flash Rewards has been rated 2 out of 5 stars, which isn’t very good! 

There is no guarantee that Flash Rewards will always make payments, but they are a legit site. Others report receiving the price without any problem after completing all the offers. Despite this, most reviewers expressed discontent with the site, warning that they hadn’t been paid.

What is the Flash Rewards Concept?

Deliver Technology LLC owns Flash Rewards, which has been operating since 2016. Users are rewarded with gift cards from eBay, Walmart, Amazon, and other shopping sites after completing tasks or playing games. Whether you complete more tasks or play more games, you will earn more coins.

Since you need to provide a great deal of information before you earn rewards, many people think it is a scam. Several paid offers and scams caused some people to sign up for multiple offers, receive many spam emails, and never receive a gift card.

According to the company, the program is legitimate. You can earn rewards for performing tasks and following the business model of sites such as Swagbucks and InboxDollars, where you can make money by completing tasks. Flash Rewards, however, has been branded as a scam by some users (Not all). 

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Furthermore, the program has multiple links, which raises some red flags. There is a link on that will take you to the same website. You can also download the app from the Play Store. 

4 Signs That Make Flash Rewards a Scam!

Reviewing and investigating Flash Rewards can help determine if it is a scam or a legitimate company. 

Personal Information

A major red flag is the number of personal details you must fill out. Due to the fact that these apps sell your data to third parties, they immediately lead to an increase in spam.

Multiple URLs

The investigator also observed that multiple URLs pointed to the same Flash Rewards website, which is a reliable indicator that a website is fraudulent. 

Forced for Subscriptions

You must subscribe first to various services before you receive payment. Generally, these subscriptions are paid, meaning you’re being charged before receiving anything!

Many users have never received payment

Furthermore, many users do not seem to receive any payment: communication is lost, or there are too many hoops to jump through that the user gives up – the only thing they have accomplished is the disclosure of their personal information.

Using such apps does seem to generate income for some users – but for the risk involved and having to sign up for paid subscriptions, it doesn’t seem worthwhile – either in time or effort.

How Do Flash Rewards Work?

Users are able to download and use the Flash Rewards App for free. Earning rewards, however, is possible through activities that generate coins that can be redeemed for incentives such as gift cards. 

Where does the money come from? Following the instructions is all you need to do.

Your Flash Rewards account is used to show you “deals” they think you may be interested in. For instance, you may be shown mobile apps, games, subscriptions, financial services, etc. Depending on the deal you choose, a mini task will be associated with it.

You will need to:

  • To get started, go to Flash Rewards and fill out basic information (email, name, phone number, gender, address, etc.)
  • It will help you determine what offers are optional and what deals are necessary.
  • You can make the most of Flash Rewards by shopping the great brand-name partners.
  • Following the instructions on how to complete the number of deals for each level will help you reach Level 5 and receive the maximum reward! Here are some free trial offers and app downloads to try (there are also some paid deals!)
  • Just choose your reward, and you will receive it shortly! 
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Depending on the offer, you may be required to complete surveys, install additional software, join a service, and play games that involve purchases or watching movies. 

There may be specific criteria you have to meet to receive some Offers, such as collecting coins in the game or reaching a certain level. Your reward won’t be awarded without completing the required number of deals.

If you choose the right deals, you might be able to complete them all in a day. Many users prefer this, but note that most offers are not instant.

What Are The Required Number Of Deals At Flash Rewards?

There are “Levels” on the Flash Rewards website, and each Level represents a group of deals. As you advance through the levels, you must complete several contracts.

$5 Reward

You will receive this after completing one Level 1 deal and one Level 2 deal (2 deals in all).

$100 Reward

In order to earn it, you must complete one Level 1, one Level 2, and three Level 3 Deals (5 deals in total).

$250 Reward

The reward is linked to completing one Level 1, one Level 2, three Level 3 deals, and five Level 4 deals. (This requires doing ten deals in total).

$500 Reward

Achieving the goal requires completing one Level 1 deal, one Level 2 deal, three Level 3 deals, five Level 4 deals, and five Level 5 deals (15 deals in total).

$750 Reward

To qualify for this reward, you must complete one Level 1 deal, two Level 2 deals, three Level 3 deals, five Level 4 deals, and ten Level 5 deals (20 total).

$1,000 Reward

To qualify, you must complete one Level 1 deal, one Level 2 deal, three Level 3 deals, five Level 4 deals, and fifteen Level 5 deals (25 deals in total).

Important Information About Flash Rewards Offers

A few of the deals are free to claim as well. In many cases, however, items and services must be purchased or enrolled in a paid subscription program to be completed.

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It may be necessary to purchase an app or subscribe to a service to complete a deal.

Some possible deals are as follows:

  • Installing free online games and playing them.
  • Registering for services and products.
  • Accessing free trials of services and products.
  • Take advantage of new subscription boxes every month.
  • Take advantage of entertainment subscription services.
  • Downloading apps.

Within 20 days of completing your first deal, you must complete the required number of deals to earn credit, unless the deal takes longer than 20 days to earn credit. The deal will extend beyond that period if required, and you’ll get the period needed to make the credit plus an additional 20 days.

GDRP regulations state that you have the right to unsubscribe and delete your contact information, but you must contact each company separately.

Consider free trials of service subscriptions if you wish to proceed. There is no guarantee you will receive the money from these offers, so there is no point in spending money on them. It would be best if you also verified that you would get credit should you not keep the service active after the trial period ends.

What are the Pros and Cons of

Here are some pros and cons of

Pros of

  • Flash Rewards is a free site with no subscription fee
  • It specializes in rewarding users for completing simple tasks.
  • It is possible to download free online games and see their website offers.
  • There are coupons worth $100 for many famous brands.
  • You can complete the deal within a day.

Cons of

  • Customers must enter their personal information
  • The website does not provide contact information such as an address, email address, or telephone number.
  • Sometimes, the product may need to be purchased to complete the deal.
  • Customers living within the United States are eligible to buy it.


Even though Flash Rewards have been around for some time, they have largely failed to make a positive impression and provide what they promise. 

Use only legit ways to make money online. Anyone should distance themselves from a website that asks for a user’s personal information. Therefore, always make wise decisions and never create shortcuts for earning money online.