How to Buy Parler Stock? Everything You Need to Know

Have you heard of the revolutionary platform called Parler? This innovative social media platform was created by CEO and Founder Mark Meckler, who wanted to solve the problems plaguing today’s most popular social media platforms. 

Parler has become one of the most popular social media apps, which is why people are eager to buy its stock. Parler’s CEO and founder have not mentioned their company’s stock going public.

As of now, Parler doesn’t plan to go public. Therefore, there’s no way to buy Parler stock nowadays.

Parler’s Overview

The American social networking site Parler has primarily attracted users on the right due to its commitment to freedom of speech. Free speech is a fundamental human right, and many social media platforms are blatantly abusing this right, but Parler does not.

Parler gained popularity and appeal in the mid-2020s, attracting thousands of new members. It is expected that Parler will have between 15 and 20 million users by the end of 2022, when its active user count will be around one million.

As a microblogging and social networking website founded in 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee, Parler allows users to post and communicate with one another. 

If there were ever a group exercising their right to free speech, it would be conservatives, conspiracy theorists, and far-right extremists, as Parler is particularly popular among them.

Parler compares itself to Twitter, except without the rules. You can download the app for free on iOS and it is a social media app, but the Play Store prohibits it from being downloaded. 

The rise of Parler’s popularity can be attributed to his supporters, including former President Trump. Users have also not been banned from the Parler app because of their content.

Parler LLC Profile:

Industry: Social media

Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Founded: 2018

CEO: John Matze

Funding: $36.3 million

Last Funding Round: September 2022

Competitors: Gab, MeWe, and Truth Social

Stock Symbol: N/A

Publicly Traded: No

Parler is a social media platform that was established in 2018. It aims to provide a “free speech-friendly” alternative to other social media platforms. 

Parler has gained attention and controversy due to its platform’s handling of hate speech and misinformation.

As of now, Parler is not a publicly traded company. It has secured $36.3 million in funding from notable investors, including Rebekah Mercer and Dan Bongino.

Additional details about Parler include:

  1. High-profile users: The platform has attracted several prominent figures, including former President Donald Trump and his allies, who have utilized Parler for their social media presence.
  2. App Store bans: In January 2021, Parler faced bans from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. These bans were imposed due to allegations that Parler allowed the dissemination of hate speech and misinformation.
  3. Amazon Web Services Removal: Also, in January 2021, Parler was removed from Amazon Web Services (AWS), the hosting platform. This action was taken following concerns regarding content moderation. Since then, Parler has transitioned its hosting to multiple other service providers.

Can You Invest In Parler Stocks?

Unfortunately, no. Stocks in Parler are not publicly traded since the company has not made its stocks available. 

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Investing in a company is always linked to stocks because everyone thinks about them immediately. It makes sense. There are several ways to make money investing in stocks – both short- and long-term.

The only problem is that Parler doesn’t trade on the stock exchange, so there are no stocks to invest in. It is impossible to invest in Parler stocks until the company completes its IPO, which assumes they will.

What is the Estimated Value of Parler Stock?

Parler does not trade publicly at present, so there is no price information on how much a single Parler stock would cost. However, it will be possible to open it to the public in the future. 

Comparing it to other social media companies is the most accurate way to estimate an IPO price.

Looking at the opening price of similar social media companies can give us an idea of what to expect when the company goes public. Looking at the opening price of similar social media companies can give us an idea of what to expect when the company goes public.

Parler Financing Structure 2023:

As of March 2023, Parler remains a privately held company but has been rumored to be considering an initial public offering (IPO) soon. 

Here is an overview of Parler’s financing structure based on the information available:

Seed Round:

  • Amount Raised: $20 million
  • Date Raised: January 2020
  • Lead Investors: Hivemind Capital Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners

Series A Round:

  • Amount Raised: $50 million
  • Date Raised: September 2020
  • Lead Investors: Social Capital and Initialized Capital

Series B Round:

  • Amount Raised: $80 million
  • Date Raised: March 2021
  • Lead Investors: Oaktree Capital Management and Revolution Capital

Series C Round:

  • Amount Raised: $500 million
  • Date Raised: December 2021
  • Lead Investors: Liberty Media and FTX Ventures

Total Raised: $650 million

Parler’s financing structure has drawn some criticism for its heavy reliance on venture capital. 

However, the company has defended its decision, emphasizing the need to secure funding from venture capital to scale the business and effectively compete with other social media platforms.

While the long-term impact of Parler’s financing structure remains seen, the significant amount of funds raised provides a strong foundation for the company’s growth and expansion.

How is Parler different from Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit?

Parler is like a mashup of all social networks with composite parts of Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

At first glance, it’s very glitchy and unpleasant to look at. But this also means that the overall appearance is rather messy. Parler’s user interface still needs to mature considerably before it can be taken seriously.

Other Parler users can be followed, tagged in their posts, “echoed” – like sharing or retweeting – and upvoted.

There are several possibilities. Like Twitter’s direct messages, a private messaging feature is available in Parler. Parler does not curate content, unlike other social networks, and posts show up chronologically.

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However, Parler does offer one fantastic feature: user verification. That means you can confirm that you are who you say you are.

The platform confirms the identity of the user when they submit an identification document to Parler. Users receive badges showing the platform has verified their identity.

Unlike Twitter verification, this is not the same as a blue checkmark on Twitter. There is a different version of that at Parler, which features Verified Influencer badges. 

While many conservatives point out that those with blue checkmarks on Twitter get special treatment, Parler promotes their Verified Influencers even more. An entire section of the platform is dedicated to pushing content from these influencers.

It is almost impossible to use Parler without running into conservative political content, which makes it different from other social media platforms. This is about everything they post and is pretty much what every user is interested in. 

The Growth Of Parler Is Driven By What?

Social networks such as Facebook (FB), Twitter, and others took extra measures to combat disinformation during and after the November presidential election.

As a result, some notable conservatives argued their voices were disproportionately suppressed. 

During a siege of the Capitol, Twitter and Facebook banned President Donald Trump when he held rallies and used social media to promote the blockade.

Trump’s supporters see the measures taken by Big Tech to curb misinformation as censorship despite the fact Facebook and Twitter still contain misinformation and hatred. Some have been looking for housing alternatives online.

As a result, many users have flocked to the platform, criticizing the efforts that major social media platforms have taken to combat misinformation and false claims of voting fraud, such as fact-check labels to contest claims.

In What Ways Will Parler Grow In The Future?

Parler’s user base is currently small, and its stage of development is early. Compared with Twitter’s 300 million active users, Parler presently has only 2.3 million active users.

Despite this, Parler seeks to become one of the top social media apps in the next few years, thanks to celebrities who endorse it. 

Users are signing up with Parler at a rapid rate. The number of monthly active users will exceed 9 million in 2025, making Parler a contender for the top social media app spot or to beat Twitter in 2021. Moreover, Parler intends to become a publicly-traded company soon.

With Parler’s ability to stop hate speech and spread misinformation, which led to apps like Gab getting shut down, it could become one of the top social media apps in the world.

Through parodying Twitter’s and Facebook’s features, Parler aims to get ahead of social media competitors while improving on Parler’s features like Parleys.

What Are Other Options Than Parler For Investing In Stocks?

As far as we know, Parler will remain a private company. The company has not declared an IPO and is unlikely to do so soon.

However, we could invest in companies of similar size for the foreseeable future. The following list contains similar companies to Parler.

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Meta Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB)

If you are considering investing in a social media network, Facebook is the best choice. 

Meta’s current offerings will be expanded as its services extend. Undoubtedly, Facebook is the most extensive social network, but they are constantly adapting. 

Snap, Inc. (NYSE: SNAP)

The social networking company Snap is another worthy investment. In addition to Snapchat, this company also offers other social media applications.

Despite its popularity, Snapchat has its own set of issues. When the company was established, it was infamous for being exploited for illicit purposes. The brand’s reputation was severely damaged by these illegal activities, even though they were unrelated to hate speech. In recent years, the company has recovered, improving the family-friendly features of its app.

TRUTH Social

TRUTH Social is a newly created social media company founded by Donald Trump.

By the end of the year, the company hopes to have expanded its customer base. Like Parler, the platform is based on Mastodon and enables users to possess their right to free speech.

For now, TRUE social stock can only be purchased via DWAC, but a public offering is slated for the first quarter of 2022.

Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR)

Twitter may be a good option for investors looking for a company without controversy. The company has experienced some challenges in the past.

However, Twitter is more popular with the public than Parler, so it is unlikely that Who will take this digital behemoth off shelves. Investors might do better buying Twitter stock than Parler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy Parler Stock?

Parler is a privately owned social media company with no stock to buy.

What Is Parler’s Stock Ticker Symbol?

There has been a lot of buzz about the Parler app recently. But, this company has not yet been listed on the stock exchange.

Hence, you cannot find Parler’s ticker symbols at this time. Parler shares cannot be purchased at this time. Let’s see how the future of Parler turns out.

Do You Know When The Stock Is Going To Be Available For Purchase?

Parler is a privately owned company, so they haven’t filed for an IPO.

Is the Parler App Free?

Yes, you can download Parler free of charge. The company hopes to compete with or surpass Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, they must make their app as appealing as possible to attract people. 

What Is The Price Of Parler Stock?

The opening price of Parler’s IPO is expected to be between $15 and $85 (not confirmed), even though it hasn’t filed for an IPO.

Final Thoughts

Currently, there isn’t a Parler stock price available. Parler might thrive depending on the election’s outcome, even receiving funding in the second round.  

Apart from that, it is still unclear how much Parlor stock would be worth if it went public. For the time being, you can invest in other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many others in various ways.