Does Home Depot Offer 24 Months’ Financing? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Who does not love a credit card or financing plan that provides funds for the entire year? No one. With each passing day, people’s basic needs are increasing.

Once considered luxuries such as washing machines, Air conditioners, and many more are now one of the most commonly used appliances in almost every other home.

With so many needs and dreams, traditional credit cards and financing programs are insufficient.

That’s why people started looking for annual credit cards and financing plans. Fortunately, Home Depot realized the need for annual credit cards and provided people with one.

From renovation to construction projects, the Home Depot credit card covers you all year. Other than the credit card, Home Depot has many other alluring financing plans for you.

Read on to learn more about Home Depot and its fantastic financing plans to encourage people to shop more and worry less.

What is Home Depot?

Home Depot is a popular American home improvement corporation that sells tools, appliances, construction products, decor products, and services.

You must visit Home Depot if you want to renovate your backyard, patio, or the entire house. You will find almost anything from decor accessories to construction products and tools.

There is a reason why Home Depot is so famous among builders and DIYers. At Home Depot, you can find various tools, appliances, decor, and construction products.

It is the most popular home improvement corporation in the United States of America and the largest home improvement retailer with more than 490,800 employees and $150 billion in revenue.

Home Depot definitely knows how to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, in recent years, they introduced credit cards to help people by providing them funds for shopping for home improvement products as well as paying their utility bills.

Home Depot Financing Options

Home Depot understands that home renovation and construction projects often cost a people fortune.

Therefore, only people with adequate funds are able to renovate or build their homes as desired. But does it mean home renovation or construction projects are only for rich people? Not anymore.

Home Depot has supported its customers’ projects by offering them financing on several projects. They know renovation or construction projects require a substantial investment.

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Therefore, discount codes or promotional offers might not always seem enough to most people.

That’s the reason why Home Depot has introduced a few financing options to help people build their dream homes without worrying about the funds:

Consumer Credit Card

The Home Depot Consumer credit card is great for regular customers to benefit from special financing offers.

Also, you don’t have to spend a fortune buying goods from Home Depot to qualify for its consumer card.

You can easily meet the criteria for six months of deferred-interest financing on purchases of $300 or higher.

You will not be charged any interest if you pay the full amount during these six months. However, if you cannot pay the full amount in financing months, you will be charged a high interest on the financing taken.

Moreover, unlike other credit cards, the Home Depot credit cards can only be used at Home Depot stores.

If you want a 24-month financing credit card, you must keep an eye on promotional periods as that is when customers are given 24-month financing credit cards.

With a 24-month consumer credit card, you can benefit from rotating stock offers and discounts on various services and enjoy hassle-free returns for one year.


  • Special financing available for a minimum of six months
  • Up to 2 years of financing during promotional periods
  • Discounts on various services such as fence installation
  • Hassle-free returns


  • A deferred interest rate could make lending money quite expensive

Project Loan

Home Depot Project Loan is a great financing option for people who intend to make extensive home improvements. It works like a credit card but with a much higher limit of up to $55000. When you qualify for Home Depot Project Loan, you will be given a branded card to make purchases at Home Depot only.

You can buy anything using the branded Home Depot card, from tools to materials, appliances, accessories, services, and much more.

Once you have access to branded Home Depot card, you will have six months to purchase all your required tools, materials, appliances, and services.

After that, you will pay down the amount spent in easy installments over 66 to 114 months. Isn’t it amazing? Home Depot makes home renovation or construction much easier and more convenient!

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  • High borrowing limit up to $55000
  • Flexible timeline to pay back ( up to 114 months)
  • Relatively low-interest rate


  • Limited offers and discounts
  • The branded card can only be used for home Depot purchases
  • Six-month shop window might not be sufficient if the project faces delays

0% Interest Credit Card

If you have a strong credit situation and want a more flexible financing plan to make Home Depot purchases, a credit card with a %0 interest rate might be a great option.

Like other credit card companies, Home Depot also offers its new cardholders an %0 interest credit card for a selected period, usually 12 to 15 months. During this period, they will not be charged any interest.

However, as soon as the given financing period ends, the interest rate based on regular APR will be charged on your outstanding balance.

It might be an excellent option for frequent shoppers as they can benefit from various programs that offer cash back or miles for daily purchases. Such rewards can collectively make your purchases cheaper than usual.


  • It can be used anywhere the card’s network is accepted
  • Interest-free financing for almost 12 to 15 months
  • Various credit card reward programs


  • Regular APR can be quite high
  • Need strong credit to qualify
  • Only new cardholders can qualify for %0 interest credit card

Personal Loan

Yes, you heard it right. The Home Depot also provides personal loans to people who want to build their dream houses to live a happy and prosperous life.

Home Depot’s mission is to make building homes easier and convenient for people as everyone deserves to build a shelter for themselves, for which they have daydreamed for many years.

However, you must have a great credit score to qualify for Home Depot’s loan program. It can be a fantastic option for those with a vacant piece of land with no funds to build on it.

What about the interest rate? If you start paying the loan installments within the selected financing period, you might have to pay a much lower interest rate.

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However, the interest rates can be extremely high once the selected financing period expires.


  • Low APRs depending on the amount burrowed
  • Higher borrowing limit
  • The borrowed amount can be used anywhere for anything you want


  • High-interest rate if you have a poor credit score
  • An origination fee is required to release the personal loan

How Often Does Home Depot Offer 24-Month Financing?

Home Depot offers 24-month financing coupons and promotions in two ways:

  • Customers can purchase 24-month financing coupons by purchasing over $1,999.
  • The Home Depot offers 24-month financing credit cards during promotional periods.

How to Apply for a 24-month Financing Credit Card?

Here is a step-by-step guide you need to follow to apply for a 24-month financing credit card:

  • Apply for the Home Depot credit card.
  • You can pre-qualify for a Home Depot credit card here
  • After pre-qualification, you can apply for the Home Depot credit card here.


Renovating your home should be an exciting process. However, it comes with a huge amount of stress and anxiety for most people.

Home improvement or construction projects require significant capital many people might not have.

Does it mean they should sacrifice their dream of renovating or building their lovely home? Absolutely not.

Fortunately, many financing options are available for your home improvement or construction project.

You must pick the best one that suits your needs and start renovating or building your dream house. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

With gazillions of financing options available, choosing the right one becomes challenging. The Home Depot is a reliable home improvement corporation with amazing financing plans.

They offer you a consumer credit card for smaller renovation projects to make Home Depot purchases without worrying about funds. Later, you can repay the loan in small monthly installments.

Similarly, Home Depot offers a wide range of financing plans for larger home improvement or construction projects, such as Branded credit cards, %0 interest credit cards, personal loans, and much more.

We have included only a few of them in our article. Visit Home Depot’s official website or a nearby branch to learn more about their financing plans!