Does Costco Offer Financing on Tires? All the Requirements You Should Know

Costco tire centers operate through several warehouse locations offering quality tire services to customers.

Although Costco tires do not offer direct financing, customers can use Costco memberships and VISA Anywhere cards to create their payment plans.

Let us discuss what does Costco tires offer, what are the tire financing options, and what are the pros and cons of buying tires through Costco tire centers.

Costco Tires – Appointment, Pricing, and Warranties

Costco tire is a sub-segment of Costco autos. It offers tire replacement, installation, and maintenance services through its dedicated service centers throughout the US and other countries where it operates.

You can book an appointment online before visiting a Costco tire center. The appointment process is simply a few clicks using the web portal.

You can choose your nearest Costco service center, select the right tire size, quantity, and check the pricing of the available tires.

Costco often offers discounts and deals on selected tire brands. For example, Costco has a longstanding partnership with MICHELIN Tires.

Costco + Michelin have an ongoing price discount of $150 on a set of four tires. However, for non-members of Costco, the discount is only $70. The additional discount of $80 is available to members only.

Tire prices vary by brand and size of tires. At Costco, the average tire price can be around $170. The price comes with some added perks of lifetime replacement service, alignment, and other maintenance offers.

How to Buy Tires with Costco?

You can order tires through at any time. Your order will take around 8-10 business days to arrive at your selected warehouse.

Here are a few important points to remember when buying tires at Costco.

Online Order

You’ll need to place an order before visiting a Costo tire center for convenience. Although you can visit a warehouse at any time if your required tire size or brand is unavailable, you’ll need to wait.

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Your ordered tires will be shipped to your selected warehouse. All you need is to choose the nearest warehouse at your convenience.

Wait Time

Online tire orders at Costco would take around 8-10 business days. Just make sure to select the right tire size, car model, and your preferred brand.

You’ll need to visit the tire center within 14 days after your order is shipped to the warehouse.

Installation Policy

Costco charges $ 18.99 per tire currently. The price would be included in your invoice at the time of placing an order.

The installation price per tire includes:

  • Mounting
  • Lifetime Balancing, Lifetime Rotation, Lifetime Flat Repair, Lifetime Air Pressure Checks
  • New Rubber Valve Stem, and
  •  Costco Wholesale’s Road Hazard Warranty

Tire Replacement Location

If you are looking for tire replacement services only, you could get them with Costco tire centers. They’ll follow the usual tire replacement policy as prescribed by most manufacturers of installing the least worn tires on rear axles.

 Order Replacement and Cancellation

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel an order with Costco tires.

Your only option will be to claim a refund. Your refund may take a few days and will be credited to your Costco account once approved.

Also, if you do not like the delivered order quality or brand, you cannot exchange them. Your only option will be to claim a refund and place a new order for another brand of tires.

Does Costco Install Tires of Any Size?

Your ordered tires must fit the right size, car model, year, and make of your car. Costco wouldn’t install tires of any size for your vehicle.

Does Costco Offer Financing on Tires?

As we all know, Costco does not offer direct financing for its customers. It offers discount deals and promotions though.

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Similarly, there is no direct financing available for Costco tires. At the moment, you’ll have to buy Costco tires using conventional payment methods without a payment plan.

There are a few ways to get discounts and extend the payment terms for Costco customers.

Use Costco VISA Anywhere Card

Your best option to spread the payment amount is to pay through Costco’s Visa Anywhere card.

It is a special credit card offered by Costco. It combines the benefits of a credit card and special discounts by Costco.

You can use it to make purchases anywhere. It comes with a competitive APR and can be used as an alternative to any other credit card.

Costco members can also enjoy special cashback rewards when using the Visa Anywhere card.

Take Advantage of Cash Rebates

Costco members can enjoy cashback and rebates of up to $500 annually. The executive members can take cash discounts of $ 1,000 annually.

Both membership plans offer other advantages of special promotions and rebates as well.

Discounts on Tires

Instead of taking a payment plan, you can take the rewards upfront by obtaining a cash discount on your set of tires.

For example, you can enjoy a discount of $150 on a set of four tires with the current promotion of Costco + Michelin.

Use a Credit Card

Alternatively, you can use a credit card to pay for your tire purchases. The total amount can then be paid back in installments through the credit term.

That would incur high-interest costs as the ARPs on credit cards are always on the higher side.

What are the Services offered by Costco Tire Centers?

From tire installation to inspection and maintenance, you can get a wide range of services at Costco tire centers.

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At Costco tire centers, you’ll find the following services:

  • Online booking and appointment for a convenient visit.
  • Tire inspection and installation services:
    • Tire rotation
    • Balancing
    • Flat repair
    • Nitrogen inflation
    • Nitrogen Conversion
  • Tire alignment and replacement
  • Tire Axle rotation
  • 5-year road hazard warranty
  • Lifetime tire maintenance and inspection warranty

Here are a few exceptions that you wouldn’t get at Costco tires:

  • Costco tires do not offer a trade-in option. It means you cannot sell your old car tires at a Costco tire center.
  • It doesn’t offer a lot of brands that limit the choice for buyers.
  • It doesn’t allow tire replacements once the order has been placed.

Pros and Cons of Buying Costco Tires

Costco tire is a related service to Costco’s auto financing section. It has a wide network of tire centers and warehouses throughout the US and other locations where it operates.

Pros of Buying Tires with Costco

  • Good quality tires with selective and renowned brands.
  • Lifetime maintenance and road hazard protection for five years.
  • Online and convenient appointment and excellent customer service.
  • Cash discounts and deals on several tire brands.
  • A wide range of tire maintenance, installation, and repair services.
  • Membership discounts, VISA Anywhere card discounts, and seasonal promotions to save on purchases.

Cons of Buying Tires with Costco

  • No direct financing offered on tire purchases.
  • VISA Anywhere card APR can be higher.
  • No order cancellation or tire replacement options if you do not like the tire quality.
  • It doesn’t offer tire installation services for all sizes and types.
  • No choice of tire trade-ins for old tires.
  • Costco has a limited brand range of tires that limits the options for customers.
  • Average tire prices are higher due to the limited availability of brands and partnerships.