How to Buy Expedia Gift Cards? Let’s Find Out!

You want to give something to your loved ones and now have finally decided that you will be giving Expedia Gift cards.

Whether you searched online about them or heard from a friend, an Expedia Gift card is definitely one of the best and most exciting things you can give to another person. Such a person can use it to purchase things offered and have a great time.

But the problem is people have no idea where to get these gift cards. I don’t blame them as there is no clear-cut knowledge or guide available on the internet about how you can purchase these Gift cards without getting scammed. I decided to write about how to Buy Expedia Gifts cards.

So, stay till the end and follow only these methods whenever you have to buy Expedia Gift cards.

How To Buy Expedia Gift Cards?

It’s really simple to buy the Expedia cards once you know from which platform you can get them. Different online platforms sell this gift card, and the process of buying is straightforward and uncomplicated.

From The Official Website

The best source for buying Expedia Gift cards is the official website. You will also see where you can use the card to get the discount or 100% discount.

Here’s how to buy it.

When you visit the Expedia official website, you can see the option of buying gift cards on the right side.

You just have to choose the price and then go to the checkout. Then, you will fill out the banking details, and that’s it. It’s that simple!

But Expedia doesn’t stop there.

It wants you to access your location. Then, it tells you which events are taking place near you. On these events, you can cash in the gift cards.

If you are giving it to a person instead of using it yourself, you can help the person decide which event they should see. The display will also be showing you some more gift cards in the meantime.

When you or the other person decides, then do the cash in at the time of buying the ticket. In case of any problem, you can claim your money back, but not 100%.

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In fact, It’s 150%. Yes, you read that right. Expedia over-compensates if any error occurs and the fault is theirs, not yours.

Wondering at which prices you can buy the Gift cards?

From 50$ to 1000$, you can buy gift cards at your own preferred price. You can redeem them to buy tickets to concerts, sports matches, or movie tickets. If you are giving the cards to others, then you can let them decide which event to see.


You can also buy Expedia Gift cards from Amazon. Different vendors are selling them on this platform.

However, the process of buying is the same in each case you make a purchase, and they send you the details in your email. Make sure you are putting in the right information when you make a purchase.

Here’s the full procedure:

  • First, you have to enter the email correctly. If you make a mistake, then the gift card will be sent to the wrong email, and your money will be wasted. In this situation, neither amazon nor the vendor can help you out.
  • Next, you will have to enter your official name with correct spellings. If you are sending the gift card to another person, then your name on it with beautiful fonts will make money worth it.
  • After that, you have to write a message. It is for the person you want to give this Gift card to. If it’s the birthday, then type Happy Birthday along with some wishes. A loving message will make a great impact if it is about an anniversary. Think about the message according to the situation you are in.
  • Then, you will have to choose how many gift cards you have to buy.
  • In the last step, select the delivery date of this gift card. That’s it.

The most reliable source on Amazon is the Global Hotel Card, which is powered by Expedia itself. From Global Hotel, you can buy gift vouchers for hotels, vacation rentals, and many other things.

Via Treat

Another way you can buy Expedia Gift Cards is from It is known to deliver the best and perfectly packaged gift cards to you and your loved ones. Treat has made it easy for every merchant or anyone to buy gift cards. But Treat has gone one step ahead. You can customize the gift card as you want. Plus, the packaging will be top-notch too.

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Here’s how to buy from Treat.

  • When you open their website, scroll down and go to the “Buy Gift” option.
  • Next, search Expedia Gift cards in the search section.
  • After that, your screen will display Expedia gift cards with the “Buy Now” option on the left.
  • Then, you will be asked how you want the gift cards to be sent to you. Two options are given, one is mail, and the other is email. If you choose to mail, then delivery charges will be applied.
  • After that, fill out the payment details, send the money, and that’s it.

If you are gifting the card to other persons, you can also directly send it to their addresses. Also, don’t worry about the delivery from Treat.


It is because Treat uses USPS or Priority Mail delivery services, which are quick and safe.

But sometimes, Gift cards are not available at Treat. In such a case, the website itself suggests going to to make a purchase.

Via Giftly

Giftly is another way of buying gift cards. It allows you to buy Expedia Gift cards for up to 1,000$, even with customizations. You can change the outlook of the card just the way you like, write any message, and send it to another person or receive it yourself without any trouble.

When you visit the Giftly website to buy, you will see a bar. Type Expedia Gift cards there, and they will take you to a new display. On the right side, you will be given different options regarding the price of the gift card.

It starts from 25$ and goes up to 1,000$. If you don’t want to select the “amount” options given, then click on the “Other” option. A bar will open, and you will have to put the price of your own choice.

When you are done, click on the “Continue” option.

On the left side, there will be details about your order. There, you can customize your card according to your desires. Go to the “select a design” option, choose from different exquisite designs, and then confirm it.

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You can also choose whether you want the card to be mailed to you or emailed. You will also have to type in the name of the recipient there.

Lastly, you will have to provide your payment information to have a successful transaction. Make sure you provide it correctly, or else you will have to begin the process from the start.

On the right side, there will be a summary of your order. It will show you the worth of the Expedia gift card, any other charges, and the total amount.

On the bottom left corner, there will be a box that you have to check. If you don’t, you won’t be able to place the order, and the whole process will stay stuck.

This is the box of the Terms and conditions, which I recommend you should go through at least once to avoid any confusion. Once you are done with the Terms and conditions, tick the box.

Then, you will see that the “Complete Purchase” button is press-able. Click on it, and your order for a new Expedia Gift card has been made.

All in all, these were the four reliable sources to get your Expedia Gift cards. The issue with the online world is that more and more scammers are out there. In order to avoid them and save your money and personal details, it is super important only to make a purchase from credible and reputable platforms.

Final Words

So, how to buy Expedia Gift cards?

You can buy Expedia gift cards from different platforms or sources. But the ones I described in this article are the most reliable ones. These are- From the Expedia official website, Amazon, Treat, And Giftly.

The process of buying on these platforms is also simple. You just have to decide about the amount, do some customizations, input your payment details, and follow the buying process of each of these sources or platforms. The whole process will take not more than 7-8 minutes, and this time spent will be fun too.