How to Get Cashier Checks From BB&T? (Your Guidance)

The following steps can be followed to obtain a cashier check or certified check from BB&T online.

  • Visit the BB&T website then log in to your online banking account. (Noted: You will redirect to since it is combined with SunTrust)
  • Go to Accounts and select your particular account.
  • Go to Manage Account and select ‘Order Checks and Supplies.’
  • You can select your desired check from the available options and then provide the pre-requisite information. You will also need to mention your social security number, date of birth, address, ID, and opening deposit to authenticate your identity. The cost of shipping is also incurred in this case.

Comparing the fee charged by the top ten banks of America, we observe that the fee charged by BB&T for cashier checks is similar to what its competitors charge, so it does not have a competitive edge in this aspect.

The Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, PNC Bank, and Capital One charge $10 and so does BB&T. While Chase, US Bank, and TD Bank are somewhat cheaper demanding $8 and $7 for a fee. Ally bank beats all its competitors in terms of cost as it offers cashier checks at no fee. 

Products and Services of BB&T

There is a comprehensive variety of products and services offered by BB&T. It ranges from different kinds of banking accounts to several types of lifestyle investment plans. The chief products of BB&T are Credit cards (Enjoy Travel, Future Card, and Enjoy Cash) and Loans.

Services include the categories of Checking and Savings, Mortgage (Buy a home, Refinance, Warehouse lending), Investing and Retirement, Insurance, and Money & Mindset.

You can start banking with BB&T by registering for any of the following five types of checking and savings accounts:

  1. Dimension Checking (for obtaining higher returns in the form of premium rewards at a $20 monthly maintenance fee and $50 minimum balance)
  2. Bright Checking (for day-to-day banking at lower rewards and lower maintenance fees of $12 and $50 minimum balance)
  3. Fundamental Checking (for affordable banking, with no interest returns, at lower maintenance fees of $5 and $50 minimum balance requirement)
  4. Student Checking (for student banking with no maintenance fee or minimum balance requirement)
  5. Money Account Prepaid Debit (for banking through a debit card without the need to have a bank account, for a maintenance fee of $5)
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BB&T also provides financial advisors who guide finances management for retirement planning, getting married, starting a family, paying school fees or buying a home, budgeting and stress-free savings, etc.

BB&T’s other financial products and services offered by BB&T include personal loans, personal lines of credit, home equity loans, business loans, auto or vehicle financing, premier banking, insurance, and mortgage.

ATM cards, debit cards, and personal checks are available for making convenient and affordable transactions. In contrast, cashier checks, certified checks, and money orders are granted for secure transactions protected from fraud.

BB&T customer service is easily reachable during working hours through their helpline at 1-800-226-5228. They also respond to general queries through their official Twitter account.

BB&T also provides the facility of online and mobile banking through their mobile app that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

General procedure for getting a cashier check?

One can get a cashier’s check by doing the following steps.

  1. Contact bank helpline: Some banks offer cashier checks to only their members and not to non-customers, so it is wise to save your time and energy by gaining this information before visiting the bank. In addition, you should also find out if the bank offers online cashier checks or not as it can be more convenient.
  2. Visit Bank: Now you can visit the nearest bank branch or credit union from where you wish to obtain a cashier check.
  3. Pre-requisite information: You must have the pre-requisite information which includes the name of the recipient, the amount to be written on the check, your personal identification document, any memo to attach with the check, and the necessary funds to pay to the bank.
  4. Make Payment: If you have an account with the bank, the payment amount and bank fee will be either drawn from your account’s balance or paid in cash. On the other hand, if you are not a member of the bank then you can pay in cash only if the bank supports non-customers.
  5. Take Receipt: Finally, you will receive a receipt for the record of payment. A cashier check must be cashed within 90-120 days of issuance.
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About BB&T

BB&T, abbreviated for Branch Bank and Trust Company, was a small bank in Wilson, North Carolina back in 1872. Today, it is known as the Trust Financial Corporation after its merger with Sun Trust Banks in 2019.

BB&T or Trust is the 7th largest financial services provider company in the US, headquartered in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and operating in more than 1,700 branches around 15 states of America. It has a strong financial position having over $236.8 billion in assets and nearly $40.9 billion in market capitalization.

 It offers a broad range of financial services including community banking, retail, and commercial banking, corporate banking, wealth and asset management, investment and insurance, mortgage and other specialized landings, etc.

This article covers the detail of certain products and services offered by BB&T especially focusing on cashier checks and ways to obtain them.

What is a Cashier Check?

A cashier check, also known as a teller’s check, official check, or bank check, is a payment tool for those who require additional security in their transactions. A cashier check can only be obtained from a bank or credit union for additional fees of almost $8 – $10.

The amount to be transferred through a cashier check is guaranteed as it is drawn from the bank’s account and not from the payer’s personal account. Therefore, a cashier check is used for more substantial transactions like buying a home or property.


BB&T bank has its pros. For instance, it allows you to open a savings account or a student account with no minimum deposit or monthly fees whatsoever. You can also earn high returns with other types of accounts.

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BB&T caters to the different needs of different people by providing flexible options with CDs, loans, accounts, etc. It focuses on building customer relationships by offering financial planning to manage expenses relating to retirement, marriage, work, business, study, etc.

Given the reputation of BB&T and positive reviews about its services, it can be a good option for obtaining cashier checks and making secure payments. Nevertheless, it is advisable to explore other alternatives before making your final choice.

Frequently asked questions

Why is a cashier’s check an essential concept in banking?

A cashier’s check is considered to be an essential concept in banking. It’s because banking customers require frequent use of cashier checks. This check is used to secure the transactions involving higher value transactions.

Is there any cost for obtaining a cashier’s check?

It varies from bank to bank. Generally, the cost of a cashier’s check costs $8 to $10. However, Ally Bank does not charge for the cashier’s check. But, the processing time for the Ally bank is greater than other banks that charge fees.

What types of banking products are offered by BB&T bank?

There are different types of banking products offered by BB&T that include checking accounts, money market accounts, saving accounts, customer deposits, etc. The nature and risk exposure of these accounts vary from each other.

Does BB&T charge any fee on the student checking account?

BB&T bank does not charge a fee on the student checking account. Likewise, the minimum deposit for the student checking accounts amounts to zero.

This account aims to facilitate students for remittance and personal finance management without incurring higher fees and deposits as required in conventional banking accounts.