Is Bubble Cash Legit? Everything You Should Know

Bubble Cash is a legitimate mobile gaming app. It offers virtual and real cash prizes to its users worldwide.

The game also has a total positive rating of 4.6 in the Apple Play Store.

What is Bubble Cash?

Bubble Cash is a mobile gaming app that uses a bubble shooting theme as its playing option. Users can download this app for free on iPhone and iPad devices in most countries.

It is available at Galaxy stores in selective countries like the US and UK. This game was developed and launched by Papaya Games.

Papaya Games is a Tel Aviv-Based game developer company and it has launched a few games so far. It is a small private company and financed by individual investors, not disclosed officially.

Is Bubble Cash Legit?

Yes, Bubble Cash is a legitimate gaming app launched on the Apple Play store. It has been there for a few years now.

The legitimacy of the Bubble Cash game hasn’t been challenged anywhere. It is launched by its developed company, Papaya Games, registered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Although there is no official information about its registration with the local authorities.

As for the gaming rules and prize distributions, it elaborates clear rules through its website and for every competition. However, we can see many negative reviews about its cash prize distribution mechanism.

In short, Bubble Cash game is a legitimate game despite several negative reviews about its playing and pricing mechanisms.

How Does Bubble Cash Make Money?

Bubble Cash makes money through competition entry fees collected from participants around the world.

Users can enjoy a free version of the game and there is no fee to download it either. Users willing to earn cash prizes must enter competitions or game tournaments.

Each game tournament comes with a specific entry fee. All players pay that entry fee and Bubble Cash takes a cut out of that.

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Also, there are only three winners for each competition. So, the rest of the players only pay a fee to play that goes to Bubble Cash as its main revenue stream.

Currently, bubble cash does not generate any ad revenue.

Bubble Cash Reviews

Bubble Cash has around 69,000 reviews on the Apple App store currently. The company claims total game downloads of over 17 million worldwide.

The company also claims that it is rated among the top 5 in the Apple app store category.

The Apple store’s aggregate review score for Bubble Cash is currently 4.6/5.0.

It is available to Galaxy store users in the US and UK only and there are not sufficient reviews as such.

Bubble Cash- Developers and Social Media Presence

Bubble Cash is developed by Papaya Games which has also launched Solitaire cash. The company was launched in 2016 and has a presence in Tel Aviv-Yafo and New York.

Its largest customer base is also in the US. Apart from a few states, it is available for users across the US in most states.

It has also a good social media presence with over 10,000 LinkedIn followers and over 110,000 Facebook followers. It is also present on Instagram.

Overall, the company’s digital media presence is good.

How to Register with Bubble Cash?

Users can download the game from the Apple play store worldwide. Galaxy users can only download in the US and UK.

Users must create an account by registering their personal information, email address, and other relevant inputs. The game requires players to be at least 18 years old.

Then, you can set up your payment method if you want to participate in cash tournaments. Bubble Cash currently accepts payments through Apple Pay, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.

Once your registration is completed, you can start playing the game.

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Does Bubble Cash Offer Real Cash Prizes?

Yes, Bubble Cash offers real cash prizes as well. In practice, it offers different types of gaming experiences to its users.

The first method is simple and free. There are no participation charges and players do not earn real cash.

Then, the company announces different promotions and offers that offer “virtual prizes”. These prizes can only be used for in-app purchases and cannot be redeemed against cash.

Finally, the company announces some cash prizes for winners of certain tournaments where players from around the world can register and compete for the prize.

Each player must pay a registration fee to participate in these tournaments. Only the top three winners get a cash prize.

The entry fee and cash prizes are different for each tournament.

What are Cash Players and Non-Cash Players in Bubble Game?

Cash players are those who participate in real cash prize competitions. They must pay the registration fee to participate in these tournaments.

Usually, an entry fee is $4 or $5. The cash prize ranges from $15 to $100 depending on the complexity of the game level and company promotion policies.

Non-cash players do not earn real cash. They can participate in different types of promotional tournaments but their rewards can only be redeemed for in-app purchases.

Non-cash players cannot convert their “virtual prizes” to real money.

Things We Like from Bubble Cash

Here are a few things that make Bubble Cash look like a legitimate offering.

Positive User Reviews

Bubble cash has over 69,000 reviews in the Apple Play store with a total download figure of 17 million worldwide. Its overall Apple play store rating is positive at 4.6 out of 5.0.

Legitimate Presence

The company has a physical location presence in Tel Aviv-Yafo and New York. It also has a good social media presence and it is likely to have formal registration with local authorities under its parent company Papaya Games.

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Published Game Rules and Terms of Service

Many users writing negative reviews forget to read the game rules. Bubble cash has detailed game rules, terms of service, and promotion rules sections on its website.

These rules clearly state that not every competition is a “cash prize” competition.

Age Restriction for Game Players

As the game involves money, it is restricted to users under the age of 18. It is a good rule for the company to avoid scams and fraud.

Things We Did Not Like from Bubble Cash

As with any other developing company, Bubble Cash as a cash gaming app can improve a few things.

Customer Support Services

Although Cash Bubble provides some customer support on its social media pages, it can add a dedicated support line for customers.

Most of the customers pay money to participate in different games, so they must be provided better support.

Insufficient Web Presence

Bubble Cash game has a landing page but not a fully published web page. Although it lists several sections on game rules and terms of use as mentioned above, it should create a detailed information section about game awareness.

Confusing Game Prize Rules

Many players of the Bubble Cash game confuse the game rules of virtual and real money rewards. Players winning virtual rewards cannot redeem them for real cash.

The company can do a lot better to avoid this type of confusion.

Not Affiliated with a Financial Compliance Regulator

No official information is available on whether the company is registered in any US state.

No officially available information on the company’s legal and financial regulatory compliance either exists.