(2022 Update) Sephora Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Cancel, and More

Sephora is a famous beauty product brand in the US and Canada. Customers can enjoy a wide range of beauty products and even more discounts through its credit cards.

Sephora’s credit cards are issued by Comenity bank and its standard credit card is powered by Visa.

Let us guide you through the process of Sephora’s credit card login, payment, customer service, cancelation, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Sephora Credit Card Login could be performed through this link. You can select Visa card or Credit Card based on your card.
  2. To make Sephora Credit Card payment, you can perform it through Sephora online account or directly at Comenity bank’s or you can make payment by sending to:

Comenity Capital Bank
PO Box 183003
Columbus, OH 43218-3003

What is Sephora Credit Card?

Sephora offers two types of credit cards to its customers. One is a private-labeled credit card that users can only use at its stores and website.

The second one is a standard credit card for users that they can use anywhere in the world. Sephora credit cards are powered by Visa and issued by Comenity bank.

These credit cards are a great fit if you are a fan of Sephora beauty products. You can earn good rewards at Sephora by using one of these credit cards.

When you apply for a Sephora credit card or Visa credit card, you’ll be automatically enrolled into the “Beauty insider” program. Your credit card spending will earn you more rewards this way.

Sephora Credit Card Benefits

Both types of credit cards issued by Sephora offer some good benefits to users. These cards come with exclusive reward points as well as cashback offers on selected products at Sephora stores and the online portal.

Here are a few key benefits of the Sephora credit card and Visa credit card:

  • 25% on your first purchases with both cards on selected product categories. You must avail this offer within 30 days of getting your credit card.
  • 4% reward back program on both cards. Unlike other credit cards, you get reward points for using these cards instead of cash.
  • 1% reward back points on purchases outside Sephora for Visa credit cardholders.
  • 2 x rewards per $1 spent through both these credit cards at Sephora online and in-store purchases.
  • Both credit cards come with no annual fees.
  • Cardholders enjoy exclusive offers and discounts throughout the year.
  • Visa credit cardholders enjoy an additional $20 reward on the first $500 spent within 90 days of the card activation.
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How to Log in to Sephora Credit Card?

Sephora credit card and its Visa card are managed and issued by Comenity bank, a subsidiary of Bread Financials.

You’ll need to set up the online banking account with Comenity bank for your Sephora credit cards.

  • Visit the Comenity bank’s dedicated page for Sephora cardholders at Create Account (comenity.net).
  • Click on the “Register Account” button to proceed to the next page.
  • Provide your credit card number, ZIP or postal code to verify your identity.
  • You’ll need to choose a verification type like the social security number or alternative identification number (AIN).
  • Once your identity is confirmed, you can proceed to the next steps.
  • Provide your information details, contact, and other details to set up your online account.

Once your account is registered, you can use the username and password to log in to your Sephora credit card accounts with Comenity bank at any time.

You can also download the Comenity bank mobile app for further convenience.

Sephora Credit Card Activation Process

There are two easy ways to activate your Sephora credit card or Visa credit card. One is by logging in to your online account and the second one is by phone.

Visit the Comenity bank’s page for Sephora credit cards at Activate your credit card! – Comenity.

Find the “Activate Card” button on the top right of the header menu. Click the tab and follow the next steps.

Provide your credit card number, the last 4 digits of the social security number, and the card expiration date to confirm your identity.

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Submit the form and follow the prompts. Your credit card will be activated in a few steps when you confirm it through the one-time password at your mobile number or email address.

How to Make a Payment to Sephora Credit Card?

Although you cannot make a Sephora credit card payment through its stores and by cash, you’ve got some options.

The first method is to pay online through Comenity bank’s dedicated page for Sephora credit cardholders.

  • Sign in to your Sephora online account or directly at Comenity bank’s web page.
  • If you want to make a one-time payment, you can use your linked checking or savings account balance.
  • Select the “pay” option from the menu and choose the minimum payable amount or any other amount you wish to pay.
  • You can add or delete the linked checking account from this menu as well.
  • If you had set scheduled payments earlier, Comenity bank will automatically deduct the minimum amount from your account on a preset date.

Comenity bank allows its customers to pay for Sephora credit cards as a guest through its “easy pay” feature as well. You do not need to create an online account with Comenity bank for using the “easy pay” feature.

The second method is to connect through Bread Financial online portal. Log in to your online account and search for Sephora credit card/Visa card.

Then, follow the prompts to make an online payment using similar steps as outlined above.

Pay by mail:

Sephora credit card user could make payment on their credit card by send to this mail address:

Comenity Capital Bank
PO Box 183003
Columbus, OH 43218-3003

How to Check Sephora Credit Card Balance?

The most convenient way to check your Sephora card or Visa card balance is through your credit card statement.

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You can view your monthly credit card statement by logging in to your Sephora online account or Comenity Bank’s page directly. Navigate through the dashboard and look for the “Transactions and Statement” link.

This link will show your credit card statement and transaction details.

The other way is to call the customer support of Comenity bank and verify your credit card bill at 1-866-702-9946.

Sephora Credit Card Customer Service

Sephora credit cards are handled by Comenity bank. So, if you have a payment dispute or any other problem, you’ll need to contact Comenity bank’s customer support.

If you want to contact by email, you’ll need to create an online account first. This option is only for registered members of Sephora cardholders.

You can call Comenity bank’s customer support at 1-866-702-9946 within working hours and on work days.

If you want to write a detailed query about credit card issues, you can send a postal inquiry to the following address.

Comenity Capital Bank
PO Box 183003
Columbus, OH 43218-3003

For general inquiries about Sephora products or transactions and reward points, you can also contact its customer support through the live chat option.

The contact number for Sephora customer care is 1-877-737-4672.

How to Cancel Your Sephora Credit Card?

You can cancel your Sephora card or Visa credit card by calling Comenity bank’s helpline. However, you can manage it through an online account as well.

First of all, make sure to pay any outstanding bills and charges. It’s wise to use any reward points here as well.

Then, contact Comenity bank’s customer care at 1-866-702-9946. Keep your credit card number, personal identification, and other important details with you.

Once your ID is verified, the customer care center will approve your cancelation request. You should confirm it by viewing your online account and the credit card statement as well.