Is Selling of Assets considered as a good source of funding?


During the course of operations for a company, there are numerous instances where the company needs resources in order to fund their business cycle or to expand their business.

Whenever a business is looking forward to raising finances, it can be seen that there are numerous different options that they can make use of in order to facilitate their expansion, and ensure that their relevant KPIs are duly met.

In many cases, this involved considering different options in order to make a decision that seems to be most viable for the business.

When raising finances, there are two broad categories that businesses can use of.

They can either opt for internal financing or external financing. As far as external financing is concerned, this includes raising finance from external sources of the company.

Examples of external financing include issuing stocks, or getting finances from an external loan agreement from the company.

On the other hand, internal sources of finance refer to raising finance using the internal dynamics of the company.

This might involve using retained earnings, or selling off assets of the company.

Is it a good idea to sell off assets to fund the business?

Business might need funding for various different reasons, depending on the industry they are operating in, and the relevant operating conditions that they currently face at any given point in time.

Resources might be required for liquidity, or simply for expansion. Depending on the underlying need for finance, funding can be arranged.

In this regard, selling off assets has continued to be one of the main choices that the company has when it comes to funding.

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The prime motive behind raising funds via the sale of assets can be attributed to low costs associated with fundraising.

As business progresses, updating assets, and operations is inevitable. In this regard, it is quite important for a business to keep up with the changes in the industry in order to retain their competitiveness.

Therefore, this requires them to constantly change their asset structures, so that they can continue to improve their productivity, efficiency, and the overall performance on different metrics.

Therefore, as the company purchases new assets, it can be seen that old assets are often redundant because they are not used by the company anymore.

With this particular asset lying around, it can definitely be put to better use if the company is able to sell off these assets and use that money elsewhere.

Unused and redundant assets can prove to be extremely resourceful for the business because of the reason that it helps organizations convert their assets to cash, by selling them off.

This is also going to help them free up the space that is lying around within the company’s facility.

This freed up space is going to help the organization use this space for various other purposes.

This selling off of assets is going to act as a double edged sword in the sense that fixed assets are going to converted to be cash in a relatively quick time.

In the same manner, this is also going to free up stuck up space in the company.

Selling off assets can also be considered as an internal source of financing for the company, because of the reason that it helps companies to raise a considerable source of finance without having to bear any interest or finance charges.

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In the same manner, the amount that is going to be used from the proceeds of the sales would not have to be repaid back.

Given the fact that selling off assets is going to result in numerous advantages, it can be considered as one of the primitive choices when it comes to asset management.


Therefore, there is no doubt to the fact that selling assets can be considered as one of the main choices of internal sources of funding that can be utilized for the greater outcomes of the company.

The main caveat, however, is the fact that it might be difficult for companies to find relevant buyers for their given fixed assets.

Therefore, this might result in unprecedented, and prolonged delays when it comes to finding the right buyer for the given fixed assets.

This issue can be fixed by advertising for these assets on different platforms so that the company is able to gather a considerable amount of finance.

In the same manner, it can also be seen that this sale of assets can facilitate the company to arrange for funds well in advance.