Richard Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Cancel, and More

PC Richard & Sons is a low-cost electronics and appliance retailer with sites throughout the northeastern United States. The card provides users with particular benefits such as interest-free purchases on specific items and is usable for all purchases. It is a retail chain best known for selling mattresses and has some exciting advantages.

Below are the details of login, payment options, and customer service to help you decide if you are planning to apply for Richards’s card.

An online review wrote, “Although it is a typical store card, there are a few things about it that I really like. Since being acquired, their customer service appears to have improved significantly. You can manage bill payments in-store if necessary, and the online account is very straightforward.”

Key Takeaways

  • You can sign in by typing your username and password on the website
  • You can make your Richards card payments using various mediums such as online transfer, mail at P.C Richard/ Synchrony Financial, P.O. Box 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061, and through the mobile app.
  • If you want to cancel your card, call their customer support at 1-877-800-4727.
  • Their customer support is available for assistance for 24 hours on 1-877-800-4727

How to apply for the credit card of PC Richard and Son?

Before applying for the card, keep these requirements in your mind,

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be a citizen of the United States of America.
  • You must have a legal Social Security Number.

The following steps need to be followed when applying for PC Richard and Son’s credit card.

Step 1

The first step is to get the phone number, business hours, and driving instructions for the branch closest to you, for that visit their website. Their sites are throughout New York and New Jersey, as well as one store in Philadelphia.

Step 2

Assemble your legitimate photo ID and monthly income proof. Then, locate the customer service desk. The staff will give you the necessary forms and complete your application after you let them know you wish to apply for one.

Step 3

If you cannot locate a branch that is close enough for an in-person application to be feasible, you can apply for your PC Richard & Son credit card online. Enter some basic information, such as your name and address, on the online application page.

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The choice of paper or electronic statements and whether you want to enroll in the extra “Debt Security Plus” program will be presented to you.

Step 4

Before choosing whether or not to add a second cardholder to your account, thoroughly review the conditions of the credit card agreement. To indicate your acceptance, click the “Accept and Submit” option.

Then, wait for your prompt approval or denial. The application won’t be filed until you’ve final approval of the user’s cardholder obligations, minimum monthly payment, and account interest rate.

How Do I Login With My PC Richards Card?

It would be good to have a PC Richards Card online account to log in. If you haven’t created it yet, follow the steps below to create one.

There are two ways to log in: their website or the mobile app. Both require a desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, or another internet-connected device.

We advise using a popular internet browser. Open a new tab in your browser. Visit the PC Richards Credit Card website for more information.

In the top right corner of the page, click the yellow “LogIn” button. Check the “Remember User Name” box to save your username for subsequent logins.

How to make Credit card Payments for PC Richards?

Below are some of the following ways by which you can make payments using your credit card of PC Richards

1.   Online Payment

Follow the steps below to send online payment,

  • Visit the website of P.C. Richards Credit Card Management.
  • For the Login option and enter your username and password.
  • Select the Login option.
  • Navigate to the Payments segment.
  • Select the Make Billing option.
  • Enter the billing information.
  • Select the Confirm Payment option.

You should sign up for an online card management service, which can be used to make quick bill payments or set up automatic monthly payments. You can use this to view your statements, check your credit limit and available balance, and do other things.

2.   Payment Via Phone

Here’s how to pay your P.C. Richards credit card over the phone.

Call the 1-877-800-4727 customer service number on the back of your credit card and enter your 16-digit credit card number.

You have to enter your name and address to authenticate your identity. You must provide your bank’s routing and account numbers if you want to pay using a checking account.

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Once you have verified your payment details, your payment will be completed, and you will be given a confirmation number.

3.  Payment Via Mail

Collect your most recent pay stub and the P.C. Richards credit card statement. Call customer support and tell them you wish to pay the P.C. Richards credit card through the mail.

Enter your account number on the money order or the check. Send the payment and paperwork to the address: P.C Richard/ Synchrony Financial, P.O. Box 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061.

4.  Payment Via Mobile App

Install and activate the Android or iOS app of P.C. Richards and Sons.

  • Navigate to the Payments page—Select Card Bill Payment from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the transaction information.
  • Select the Confirm Payment option.

5.  In-Store Payment

Bring the P.C. Richard & Son card statement to a PC Richard & Son branch near you to pay your debt with cash or a cheque.

Benefits of PC Richard and Son’s card

Many consumers submit credit card applications to their preferred retailers. Customers can benefit from PC Richard and Son’s cards as exclusive promotions and specials are available, allowing financial savings.

The main advantages of having this card are the financing options. They are widely available in various industries, including electronics and appliances.

There is a standard 6-month 0% finance option available on all purchases over $200, as well as a variety of 6,12, 24-month, and 36-months financing plans for certain electronics and appliance brands.

By delaying your payments with this card, you can avoid incurring interest. However, you must proceed cautiously because the full APR will be applicable if you don’t keep your account in good standing.

The PC Richard and Son credit card is ideal for purchasing electronics and household products. The payment by credit card login, location, and customer care availability make the billing process quick and uncomplicated.

If PC Richard & Son is your usual card, you already have a card with a lower standard APR or specific incentives for your purchases. The financing options with this card make it very useful.


Why can’t I go into the PC Richards Mobile App?

You may be unable to access your app account for various reasons. The most common cause is an incorrect account or login credentials.

Check your details twice before logging in to avoid this. Software upgrades are performed regularly. Customer service will alert you if any features or promotions are missing.

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Why should you check in to your credit card using a PC Richards mobile app?

The P.C. The Richard & Son app allows you to manage your credit card account, browse our whole product line from your smartphone, keep up with discounts and promotions, and find any local showroom’s address and opening times.

What happens if you forget the password of Richards’s online Id?

Follow these easy steps to change your password in case you forget it. Visit the corporate PC—website for Richards Credit Card management.

Click the ‘forgot my Password’ link under the login section. Enter the necessary information, including your username, birthdate, and SSN’s last four digits.

Is applying for a PC Richards credit card challenge?

If you have good credit, obtaining a PC Richards credit card is not difficult. If your credit score is 630 and higher, you can apply for the card in person or online.

Try a different lender if your credit scores are low because they might be more willing to work with you.

Is there anywhere I can use the PC Richards credit card?

The 66 PC Richards stores and online accept the PC Richards credit card. Richard is available in stores but not elsewhere. This store card can buy furniture, electronic parts, mattresses, and bedding.

How to cancel the order of your P.C Richards Credit card?

If you want to cancel your order of Richards Credit card, you can contact customer support of Richards.

You can reach Synchrony Customer Service at 1-877-800-4727, seven days a week, from 7:30 a.m. to midnight EST, for more information about your PC Richards credit card.

Which APRs apply to the PC Richards credit card?

The variable purchase APR for the PC Richards card is 29.99%, higher than the regular APR for balance-bearing accounts.


PC Richards Credit Card holders can manage their finances online while relaxing at home. Users can also view account activity, special offers, and payments through their PC Richard and Son credit card.

For purchases made at the company’s merchants, online payments are accepted. It has dual use because it may also be used for in-person purchases; therefore, it is preferred by people.