How to Buy OnlyFans Stocks in 2022? Here is What You Need to Know

OnlyFans is not a publicly listed company. So, as of now, you cannot buy its stocks.

Let us discuss some possibilities of investing in OnlyFans and see what this platform offers to you as an investor and a user.

OnlyFans – Introduction

OnlyFans is an online content-sharing platform. It is a community-based platform where users can share their content with their fans (followers).

It was founded in 2016 in London UK by Tim Stokely. It is still a privately owned company and its headquarter is in London UK.

OnlyFans is another social media platform that lets artists, singers, entertainers, and individuals share their content. However, most of its content creators relate to the adult entertainment industry.

OnlyFans has been criticized for several reasons including offering a platform for adult and pornographic material. Its financing banks and regulators have also posed reservations about the platform in the past.

Can You Buy OnlyFans Stocks in 2022?

OnlyFans is a privately held company as of the time of writing. So, you cannot buy OnlyFans stocks from anywhere as yet. It is not yet traded through any over-the-counter (OTC) or primary stock market anywhere in the world.

The only possibility of investing in OnlyFans remains through direct placement. Investors can approach their current directors and owners to invest in the company directly.

If the plan approves, it can make an offer to invest and become its shareholders. However, private companies do not disclose such offers or show incentives for receiving one.

As a retail investor, if you are looking to invest in OnlyFans, you’ll have to wait until it becomes publicly available through a stock exchange listing. Until then, there are no possible methods of investing in this company for you.

What Does OnlyFans Do?

OnlyFans is a shared platform for content creators and viewers. Viewers can enjoy free and paid content depending on what type of content they want to view.

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It offers content creators an opportunity to get paid for their content. Content creators are from different walks of life including musicians, chefs, dancers, fitness trainers, and most importantly adult entertainers.

Content creators can get paid through two methods.

The first method allows content creators at OnlyFans to charge a premium fee for their quality content. It is a monthly subscription fee that viewers pay to the platform directly.

The second method is to offer both free and paid content to viewers. It is suitable for new content creators to attract viewers first and then charge for their premium content.

The fee charged by its content creators remains the biggest revenue source for OnlyFans. It keeps a staggering 80% of the fees charged by the content creators which leaves little room for the content providers.

OnlyFans has been criticized for promoting sexual and adult content. It has also remained its powerful publicity tool to attract content creators and viewers.

Who Owns OnlyFans?

OnlyFans was founded by Tim Stokely in London in 2016. It was acquired by Leonid Radvansky in 2018 through Fenix International private limited.

Technically, OnlyFans is owned by Fenix International and Leonid owns a 75% stake in Fenix international.

Growth of OnlyFans

OnlyFans rose to popularity in the last couple of years with the ownership change. It became a friendly platform for adult entertainers charging a handsome amount to their viewers.

Its content creator members increased to 1.6 million in the last year and its revenue soared to $600 million for the year 2020.

Analysts suggest that two factors contributed to the growth of the OnlyFans platform.

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The first one was the change in ownership when Leonid Radvansky took over the platform. He changed the way the company offered services.

Now, more adult entertainers and sexual content creators are attracted to OnlyFans than ever before. It has given soaring popularity to the network in recent years.

The second wave of popularity for the online platform came when Covid-19 restrictions hit hard. Social media platforms around the globe rose to popularity with more people attached to the internet.

Controversies Around the Adult Content Sharing

Along with other leading social media platforms, OnlyFans has also been criticized for failing to ban sexual abuse content sharing.

Leading media networks had accused OnlyFans of allowing adult and sexual content creators to use underage artists in their content stints.

Also, banks and lenders of the company had criticized for the same reasons for promoting adult content online.

OnlyFans had announced to ban pornographic and adult content in the US a couple of years ago under the pressure from media and its lenders.

Despite all the criticism it received, adult content is still being shared prominently on the platform. In fact, it remains the highest revenue generator for the platform in the last couple of years.

OnlyFans IPO Announcement

OnlyFans has not announced an IPO date officially. Its fans have waited for the news for a while now.

In the last couple of years, OnlyFans showed some signs of moving toward tighter financial regulations that hinted at the move to an IPO.

The company announced a ban on its pornographic and sexual content sharing in the US. However, a few months later, the company reversed its ban and continues with the old policy.

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Its investors may have to wait for a while for an IPO. If the company shows financial results the same way as in the last couple of years, it is likely to go for an OTC offering in a few years.

OnlyFans Competitors

OnlyFans is a social and content-sharing platform where content creators share their talent with the audience.

Here are a few competitors of OnlyFans.


PearPop is a direct competitor of OnlyFans. It follows the same business model and offers content shared by artists and online creators.

It connects content creators and artists on its platform with those on TikTok, another popular social media platform.

It was launched in 2020 by Cole Mason and Guy Oseary. Since then, it has risen in popularity with celebrities joining the platform.

The company keeps a 25% share of the fees charged by its content creators as its source of revenue.


Sunroom is a specialized platform for women and non-binary content creators. Its main appeal is to women content creators.

Sunroom offers a dedicated platform to women for content monetization through monthly subscriptions, tips, and other methods.

The platform also offers viewers the same content experience that OnlyFans comes with. Therefore, it is another major rival of OnlyFans with a similar fan base.


Cameo is a unique content-sharing platform that offers celebrity fans the to connect with their favorite stars.

Fans request their favorite celebrities, artists, sports players, and icons from other walks of life to perform a task for them for a certain fee.

Celebrities and content creators set their fees to perform these actions. This way, the platform connects performers and their fans.

It also helps new content creators and artists to monetize their work.