(2022 Updated) The Mission Lane Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Cancel, and More

The Mission Lane credit card offers the user access to a clear credit. With Mission Lane’s commitment to transparency, users don’t have to worry about unnecessary or hidden fees. All costs are made known to customers beforehand.

Moreover, Mission Lane uses advanced technology to understand each customer’s circumstances and needs. The use of such technology is useful for both customers and the company.

All information on interest rates, annual fees, credit card specifications, and billing can be found in the Cardholder agreement section of the Mission Lane website.

The company is comparatively new, and its working philosophy is based on mutual benefit for the customer and the company. The company is committed to helping you with the following features.

  1. The instant decision for the credit approval – Once you make an application for the credit, there is no need to wait for days to get a response from the company. Instead, you are informed of the decision shortly.
  2. Increase in credit lines over time – If you remain in the good books of the company, they keep increasing your credit limit. In other words, it’s about the trust that is developed between you and the company over time.
  3. No hidden charges – It’s one of the most important aspects of Mission Lane, the credit card companies do not truly disclose all details related to cost and pricing. However, it’s not the case with Mission Lane. On the very first day of entering in a contract with the company, you are given complete information about the cost and the pricing of the company.
  4. Credit building tools – The Company provides you with guiding tools that help to ensure your credit score is enhanced when making timely payments. In other words, these tools provide help to set a strategy for optimization of the credit score.
  5. Free support – You can access free support if you need any help. Further, you can access your account 24/7 to monitor your credit position.
  6. Rebuild the credit – This card can be the best tool if you want to rebuild your credit score.
  7. Easy to use the app – The app offered by Mission Lane is easy to use. You can navigate all of your payments and other details in the account.
  8. No security deposit – You are not required to pay a security deposit. It means lending by the company is unsecured and they just rely on your credit reputation and assessment.

However, the annual fee for the card is comparatively higher and the payment you make using this card takes around 3-5 days to be reflected on the account.

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However, the features offered by Mission Lane are helpful to enhance the overall efficiency of the credit card experience. Let’s understand the overall process to apply for a credit card at Mission Lane.

The Credit Card Process:

To get a Mission Lane credit card, you have to register on the website by creating a new account and then fill up their pre-approval or pre-qualification criteria.

To fill out the form, you will be required to submit basic details. Comparatively, it’s easier to get a credit card from Mission Lane than from other companies.

Once you fill out the form, Mission Lane will soon get back with their decision. If approved, your account setup is complete and you can apply for your credit card by entering the 12-character code, sent in the mail offer by the company, in the credit card offer section of the website / or by using this link: https://www.missionlane.com/card/mail

How to Login into Mission Lane Credit Card?

Two ways you can log in to Mission Lane Credit Card.

The first is through its website and you can use this link. Make sure to complete the correct information. Second, you can log in to your Mission Lane Credit Card through either App Store or Play Store.

How to Make Mission Lane Credit Card Payment?

Making timely payments for credit cards is important to build your credit history and avoid the higher cost of financing. There are different ways you could make payment for the Mission lane credit card that include the followings.

  • Pay onlineYou just need to log in your account on the internet. Go to the payment section, select the balance to be paid, and make a transaction.
  • Pay by mobile app – Your Mission lane credit card account can be accessed by a mobile app developed by the Bank of Missouri. There is a payment function, just proceed with it and the payment screen will pop up.  

Go here for App Store and Here for Play Store

  • Pay by phone – You just need to dial the customer service number (855) 570-3732), and select the payment option in the listening menu. However, make sure to have card information in hand for verification purposes.
  • Pay by mail – It’s like sending a money order/check to the address of Mission Lane. It’s important to note that this method is slow and might lead to a late penalty if your mail does not reach on time. So, if you opt for this method, it’s a good idea to send mail well before the due date for the payment.
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Mission Lane Credit Card Payment Address is Mission Lane LLC| P.O. Box 105286| Atlanta| GA 30348.

Please note that you need to pay on time, otherwise, the late fee amounts to $38, and it can have a severe adverse impact on your credit score.

Credit card delivery:

Once the application is sent, it will take up to 10-14 business days for your Mission Lane visa credit card to arrive via mail.

Help / Customer service:

For assistance or complaint on any matter, customers can contact a representative by calling at 855-790-8860 or by using the website’s help center via the following link: https://www.missionlane.com/contact-us

Credit card cancellation:

You can cancel your Mission Lane visa credit card anytime by calling the contact provided on the back side of your card.

Customers must pay off the outstanding balance on their card prior to cancellation to avoid being charged interest on their balance. Users will receive confirmation via email or call.

Cons of opting for Mission lane

The users have reported the following drawbacks for choosing Mission Lane.

  1. Higher Annual fee – You are required to pay $59 per annum for credit card use. The fee is comparatively higher than the fee charged by other credit card companies. However, Mission lane does not collect a security deposit.
  2. Problem with the app – The app offered by the company is easy to use and navigate. However, it keeps crashing which might be more than annoying.
  3. The longer holding period for the call – When you call customer service support, it normally takes more than 20 minutes to get connected with the customer support officer.
  4. Credit limit increase – The users have reported they had to face the problem of credit limit increase although they have been in compliance with the policies of the company.

What is Mission Lane?

Mission lane is a financial technology company that provides financial tools to help improve their customer’s credit by guiding their clients on how to boost their income and prepare for any financial challenges in the future.

It aims to serve individuals who are facing difficult financial situations. With Mission lane, users can build up their credit in an easy and secure way.

What Mission Lane offers?

Mission Lane thrives to bring a real impact on its customers’ lives with inclusive products, good customer service, and a commitment to transparency.

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They promise to deliver high credit lines over time, instant credit decisions, right tools to build credit, all with a clear pricing model with no hidden fees. Customers can trust Mission lane’s honest and totally transparent procedure.

“No one size fits all”

Mission Lane recognizes that everyone has a unique financial situation. A person’s credit score does not communicate their current situation such as being a college graduate trying to pay off student loans or a single mother raising her children by herself.

The credit score also does not tell a person’s responsibility or commitment to pay off debt. This is why, at Mission Lane, employees help customers by developing solutions according to their needs. Mission Lane provides financial solutions through dedicated customer service.


Mission Lane is a well-known company that provides user access to clear credit. The company is known to provide honest services for credit card users.

They do not require a security deposit. However, the annual fee charged by them is comparatively higher than other credit card companies in the market.

The best part of Mission Lane is that they offer exceptional help in building your credit if you ensure compliance with their policies.

Although, there are some problems with their mobile app. However, that’s an operational issue and the company is taking care of it.

Overall, users are satisfied with the policies and operational honesty of the company. Further, the application procedure and the overall process of application/processing are shorter.

In other words, you do not need to wait for several days to hear back from the company. Instead, they come back with the answer shortly.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay a security deposit for the Mission lane credit card?

No, you are not required to pay the security deposit for the Mission Lane credit card. However, to compensate for this effect, they charge a comparatively higher amount for an annual fee than other companies in the market.

When mission lane charges a fee?  

Mission lane charges a fee annually, first time fee is charged at the time of doing the first transaction and then annually in a row.

Does it impact on credit score if I close my credit card?

Financial analysts and market gurus suggest not to close the credit card because it might impact your credit score. Although, it might not be true always. For instance, if your payable stands at $0 while closing the credit card, it should not have a negative impact on your credit score.