(2022 Update) Gap Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Cancel, and More

Want to know everything about Gap? Then this article is for you. The Gap credit card has been popular among people because it offers great rewards and facilities to customers.

However, people still face different kinds of issues whenever they try to use it. Most of them have no idea who to contact and how to keep their account safe.

But worry no more. In this guide, you will learn all about Gap credit card login, how to send payment, how to cancel the order, what customer service you will enjoy, and much more.

So, stay till the end.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can easily log in to your Gap account at Gap.syf.com or at Gap Barclays.
  • Sending a payment with a Gap is also simple. You can do this online, via mail, or via phone call (866-383-5315).
  • To cancel orders, you can just go to order details, and the money will be transferred back to you.
  • In case of any trouble, call 866-584-3923 (customer service number of Gap).

Gap Credit Cards

There are three types of Gap credit cards you can use:

  • Gap Good Rewards Credit card
  • Gap Good Rewards Visa Credit Card
  • Gap Inc. Visa Signature Credit Card

Barclays issues Gap Good Rewards Credit Card and Rewards Visa Credit Card. Contrarily, Visa Signature Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank.  You can have your own Gap Credit card by signing up online or via email and phone calls (More on that later).

Gap Credit Card Sign Up and Log in

Here’s how you can sign up and log in to your Gap synchrony and Barclays credit cards:

For Gap Synchrony Cards

  • Go to Gap.syf.com/login/ and register yourself first.
  • Add every information correctly (like account number, zip code, etc.).
  • After completing registration, go back to the login page and enter the credentials and click on the Secure Login option.

If you face any problem with logging in, chances are your account has been shifted to Barclays. In that case, try to sign in from Gap Barclays.

For Gap Barclays Credit Cards

  1. Open Gap Barclays and click on the Learn more option.
  2. Then, go to Apply now.
  3. Next, provide the correct information, and choose your username and password.
  4. Follow every instruction, and you will have your own Gap credit card in no time.
  5. You can then log in easily using the chosen username and password.
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If you forget your password, then don’t worry. Here’s what you should do.

What To Do If You Forget Your Gap Password?

Follow these easy steps if you ever forget your Gap credit card password:

  1. Go to login and add username/ email there.
  2. Then, click on Forgot my password option at the bottom.
  3. Next, click on the email password. An email will be sent to you, which will have your temporary password and guidelines about how you can reset the password. Make sure you reset the password within 24 hours, as the temporary password will be valid for the time period only.
  4. Follow the prompts, and the password will be reset in no time.

Now, let’s see how you can make payments with a Gap credit card.

How To Make Payment With Gap Credit Cards?

Making payments with Gap credit cards is super easy. There are three ways to do it- Online, Mail, and Phone call.

Sending Payment Online

Transferring payment online using Gap credit cards is a matter of a few seconds. Here’s how to do it with both Synchrony and Barclays credit cards:

Sending Payment With Gap Synchrony Credit Card

  • Go to login and then input your username and password.
  • Then, select “Pay your Bill.”
  • After that, add the bank name and account number.
  • Next, input how much money you want to pay and then confirm it.

If you don’t want to sign in, then you can click on Pay as a guest and continue with the payment. There, you will have to add an account number, special security number, zip code, and then the amount you want to pay.

Sending Payment With Gap Barclays

  • Open Barclays service page and go to the “Set up Online Access.”
  • Add account number, social security last four digits, and other information asked by the system.
  • After verifying identity, continue with other prompts.
  • The registration is complete, and you will be given access to send money.
  • Then, log in again, add your username and password, and then make payments easily.

Via Mail

Gap has facilitated its users by providing the opportunity to mail payments. It’s simple to do so. You can write a check or money order and then ship it to the payment address. Make sure you are also adding payment coupons in the mail as well.

For synchrony cards, Mail to Gap/Synchrony Bank

P.O. Box 960061

Orlando, FL 32896-0061

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For Gap Visa cards, mail to P.O. Box 960013

Orlando, FL 32896-0013

For Gap Barclays, mail it to Card Services

P.O. Box 13337

Philadelphia, PA 19101-3337


Card Services

P.O. Box 60517

City of Industry, CA 91716-0517

Via Phone call

You can also make Gap credit card payments on phone calls. You must know or have these three things for this:

  • Bank Account number
  • Bank routing number
  • Credit Card number

For Gap synchrony cards, call 800-887-1198.

For Visa or signature cards, call 866-450-4467.

For Barclays Gap cards, call 302-622-8990.

Note that there might be a small fee deducted if you pay with a phone call. It is because you call a representative and takes his time too. For automated payment transfers, no fee is charged.

How To Cancel an Order Placed With a Gap Credit Card?

Log in to your account and go to the Order Details. There, you will see your order and the option to cancel it. Click on it. It is better if you cancel the order within 45 minutes of placing it if you want the payment to return smoothly.

After that, canceling the order might not be possible. Then, you will have to return your order.

Now, time for you to know about Gap customer service.

Gap Customer Service

Gap customer service phone number is 866-584-3923. If you have any trouble or confusion, you can call it and the representative will help you with it in no time.

But there’s more when it comes to Gap.

The three top-notch services offered by Gap are:

  • You get extra time when it comes to making payments.
  • Reward system.
  • Gap credit card works for Gap’s sister stores as well, which are Banana Republic, Athleta, Old Navy, and the branded outlet.

How To Cancel a Gap Credit Card?

There are two ways to cancel your Gap credit card- One is via phone call, and the other is via an online request.

Phone call

Call the Gap customer representative to cancel any Gap credit card you want. The customer representative service number is 866-584-3923.

When you call the number, the representative will ask you to confirm your identity. You will be asked your email address, billing address, account number, and anything the representative might feel the need to ask.

Then, the representative will look into your card details and then confirm whether he has proceeded with the cancellation request or not. Generally, if there is no big amount in your account, the cancellation request is accepted straight away.

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Online Request

Log in to Gap and then submit the request for cancellation of the credit card. Gap will respond to you within two business days about the request.

When you send the request, Gap will send you the confirmation email about account cancellation. Confirm it and keep the information saved until everything occurs smoothly.

Now, it’s time to know how you can keep your Gap account safe.

How To Keep Gap safe?

Follow three simple tricks if you want to keep your Gap account safe.

1.   Don’t Use Easy to Guess Password

The key to keeping your Gap account safe is to use a password that is not easy to guess. Experts suggest using a password of more than eight characters.

Plus, it should be a mixture of different alphabets, symbols, numbers, upper case letters, lower case letters, etc.

2.   Don’t Use the Same Password For Every Website

If you think of a perfect password, here’s a tip. Don’t use it on every website/platform. Use different ones on sensitive websites and platforms so that if anyone guesses your one password, it won’t work on others. This will keep most of the data safe. 

3.   Keep Reviewing Your Account.

You should also keep on reviewing your Gap account and keep an eye on any suspicious activity. Being alert can prevent lots of frustrations most of the time.

Doing these little things will keep your Gap account secure.

Final Say

The Gap credit card has thousands of users, and more people are joining it every day. But it seems like there is a lack of proper knowledge about this service. That’s why this article was important.

Registering and logging in to the Gap is fairly straightforward. You can do this at https://Gap.syf.com/login/ or at Gap Barclays. After logging in, the first thing in people’s minds is to transfer payment.

You can do this in three ways- online, via phone call, and by mail. Furthermore, in case of any query or issue, you can give me a call at 866-584-3923.

In addition to this, if you think there is no more need for the Gap credit card, you can just cancel it by calling 866-584-3923 or submitting an online request.

That’s everything there is to know about Gap credit cards!