Is the FBC 13 Algorithm (FBC Fund) a Scam at FBC Limited?

FBC Limited is an online investment platform founded in 2016 in the UK. The company has since been famous for its flagship FBC 13 or RJV12 algorithms.

The company claims to generate significantly high returns on investment that it receives from retail investors. However, there are more suspicions about the working legitimacy of the company than credibility.

Let us share our thoughts about FBC13 with our readers.

What is FBC Limited?

The internet sensation FBC Limited is an investment company named Finance and Business Capital Limited in the UK and it was founded in 2016.

FBC limited invests funds in different assets through crypto and traditional stock exchanges. The fund investors are individual and corporate.

FBC Limited is also famous for its trading algorithms RJV, FBC10, FBC 13, FBC 14, etc. These algorithms help the company identify trading trends and potential arbitrage opportunities to make good fortunes.

FBC limited is a fully digital and online company. However, recently its website has been unavailable due to unknown reasons.

What Does FBC Limited Offer?

FBC limited got the internet by storm when it announced staggering investment returns as high as 300%. It claimed to achieve such astonishing ROI using its flagship FBC13 algorithm.

FBC limited is primarily an investing fund. It accumulates crowdfunding to invest in profitable assets and ventures.

Most of the investments by the fund are in digital assets and cryptocurrencies as claimed by the company. However, there are no official or verified details available about which assets the company has invested so far.

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Most of the information available about the FBC limited today is through its sponsored articles published online and YouTube videos.

Unlike other online trading platforms that let investors use the service provider’s technology, FBC limited acts on behalf of its investors.

It means the company itself identifies the investment opportunities, invests in profitable assets, and generates extraordinary returns. That profit is then distributed among its investors.

The working mechanism of FBC limited cannot be verified at the moment as its official website is not available.

What is FBC 13 Algorithm?

FBC 13 algorithm is claimed by the FBC fund as its flagship product. The company uses this algorithm to identify trading opportunities.

The algorithm can be used to forecast price movement and stock market trends. FBC uses it to predict crypto asset price movements.

The company claims the accuracy of the FBC 13 algorithm with unmatched results. As per the company’s claims, it has helped the company generate as much as 3% daily and a 300% annual return on investment.

The FBC company uses this algorithm to maximize the investments of its investors.

NOTE: Again, the information mentioned above cannot be reliably confirmed as there is no official word from the company itself.

Is the FBC 13 Algorithm (FBC Fund) a Scam at FBC Limited?

FBC limited can be a registered company in the UK. Online businesses with minimum requirements can be registered at any time at a minimum cost in the UK.

The FBC 13 algorithm is a proprietary asset of the company. As the investors do not use this algorithm directly, no one can verify its working legacy.

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Also, getting a company registered is different from being legitimate. If a company wants to be a legitimate one, it has to fulfill several obligations including:

  • Providing registration and regulatory compliance information transparently.
  • Registration with tax and local authorities.
  • Being transparent in providing information to its stakeholders including investors.
  • Providing contact details, official website, and social media presence genuinely.
  • Rebutting fake news, spam, and unverified news about the company to avoid reputational damages.

The list can go on as there are several legal and compliance requirements for a business to remain a legitimate one generally.

Our Point of View

We are in no position to conclude that FBC limited or FBC 13 algorithm is a scam. However, we cannot confirm its legitimacy as well.

All the information available about the FBC limited is through sponsored articles, social media community forums, and YouTube videos.

The big red flag for us is there is no official website working for FBC limited right now. Therefore, any claims of exaggerated ROI up to 300% can easily be discarded as fake.

We advise our readers to avoid such investment platforms that do not provide transparent information about their business operations.

Here are our concluding remarks about the FBC limited company and its so-called algorithm:

  • The company’s official website is not working.
  • All published information about FBC is anonymous and through sponsored articles.
  • Even the sponsored articles do not mention the company owner’s name, its working address, and any verifiable information.
  • The company’s flagship algorithm is published with different names like RJV12, FBC 13, FBC 14, etc. Without any verification from users.
  • The return on investment claimed by the company is highly exaggerated and suspicious.
  • The company does not provide any considerable proof of its existence and the services it offers.
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