(2022 Update) Credit One Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Cancelation, and More

Capital One is a leading bank and offers a wide range of credit cards for its customers. Its credit card collection includes cards for credit-building, travel rewards, student rewards, business rewards, and cash-back rewards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Credit One Credit Card Login can be performed by using this link to manage your account, make payments and perform other transactions.
  • If you want to make Credit One Credit Card Payment, you can send it to this payment address:
    • Credit One Bank
    • Payment Services
    • P.O. Box 60500
    • City of Industry, CA 91716-0500.

What are Capital One Credit Card Options?

Capital One offers several types of credit cards for its customers. It also offers a few of those in partnership with other leading institutes like American Express. 

If you are Capital One bank customer, you can compare these credit cards and apply for the one that best suits your needs. The choices are wide and open from a credit-building card to one with exclusive rewards and benefits.

Capital One’s most widely used credit cards are Visa Platinum, Visa X5, and American Express credit card. These cards come with similar features but varying reward and benefit tiers.

The credit card application process and documentation requirements are similar for these cards. Credit score requirements, credit limits, and other features may vary depending on which credit card you chose.

How to Qualify for Credit One Credit Card?

Capital One does not officially report the credit score requirements for any of its credit cards. It generally categorizes the requirements into broader categories of credit scores from average to excellent. 

For example, it states credit score requirements for Visa X5 and American Express cards as “Average-Excellent.” It means customers with a credit score in the range of 670 to 850 can apply for these credit cards. 

Customers with below-average credit scores can apply for the Capital One Platinum credit card. This card is specifically designed for customers looking to rebuild their credit scores. 

Like any other credit card application, you’ll need to provide personal information, DOB, residential address, email, contact number, and social security number. 

Capital One allows only two personal credit cards for each customer. Also, the bank may not qualify for credit cards if your monthly income is deemed low. 

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How to Apply for a Credit One Credit Card?

As Capital One offers a wide range of credit cards, it also offers several ways to apply for these cards. 

Online Application

The easiest way for you to apply for a Capital One credit card is through its online portal. You can evaluate your chances through its easy pre-qualification tool as well. 

Also, you can use its online credit card application evaluator tool to check which credit card will you qualify for.

Once you go through these initial checks, you can create a new account by providing important information. You can then apply for a credit card in a few simple steps. 

Capital One will also require financial information like your monthly income and take-home pay. Your creditworthiness will decide the credit limit and the type of credit card approved for you.

Through a Branch

You can visit the nearest Capital One bank branch during working hours if you do not want to apply through the online portal.

You can apply for a credit card through the branch’s customer support services and provide the necessary details to the staff.

By Mail

You can also print the credit application by downloading it from the online resources of Capital One bank. However, this is the slowest option to apply for a credit card as it will take several days to assess your application.

Applying for a Co-Branded Card

If you are applying for a co-branded Capital One credit card, you can also apply through that brand online or in-store application forms.

For example, American Express has a dedicated online page for its customers to apply for its co-branded Capital One credit card.

Credit One Credit Card Features

Capital One has several credit cards. Each of them comes with discrete benefits. So, your best option is to compare these credit card features before you apply for one.

Let’s compare some key features of the most widely used Capital One Credit Cards; Visa Platinum, Visa X5, and American Express Card.

Several Cards to Choose From

Capital One has a wide range of credit cards. From credit-building cards to loyalty cards, and from rewards to exclusive benefits, you can choose one as you need.

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However, it does not allow more than two personal credit cards at a time. Your co-branded credit cards are an additional choice on top of these cards.

Unsecured Cards

Most of the credit cards offered by Capital One are unsecured. You do not need any security deposit to apply for these cards. 

Capital One also has a secured credit card option. Secured cards are ideal for customers with bad credit scores.

Credit Score Requirements

You can apply for a credit card with Capital One with any credit score. If you have a bad credit score, you can choose from one of its secured credit cards. 

Alternatively, you can apply for a Capital One Platinum credit card, an ideal option for customers looking to repair their credit score.

Interest Rates and Monthly Payments

The interest rate on different credit cards varies by card type. For instance, Capital One’s special offer credit cards come with a 0% APR.

Other cards come with a variable APR rate of 25.49% for its Visa Platinum and Visa X5.

Annual Fees and Other Charges

Annual fees on different Capital One credit card ranges from $0 to $95. The $95 annual fee is divided into monthly installments and comes with your monthly credit card bill.

Credit Card Rewards

Capital One’s credit cards come with different types of rewards and benefits.

Its Visa X5 and Platinum cards come with up to 10% cash back on selective merchant programs. The usual reward earnings are 5% cash back on the first $5,000 spent and 1% afterward on all purchases.

Similarly, its co-branded cards come with other perks as well.

Does Capital One Credit Card Help in Building Credit Score?

Capital One’s Platinum credit card can be used to build credit scores specifically. Customers with bad credit can apply for this credit card.

Also, as Capital One reports your credit history to all credit bureaus, you can use these credit cards to build your credit score.

How to Make a Payment for Credit One Credit Card?

You can use one of the four available options to pay for your Credit One credit card bills.

Pay Online

The easiest way to pay for your Credit One credit card bills is simply to log in to your online account. You can use either the Credit One mobile app or the web portal.

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You can link your Credit One bank account for payments or any other bank account. You can make a one-time payment by using any other bank’s debit card as well.

Pay by Phone

Another convenient option for Credit One credit card bill payments is by phone. Use the bank’s phone helpline (877) 825-3242.

Keep your credit card details ready. You should also provide the bank account and bank routing numbers ready.

Pay by Mail

You can also use a paper check or payment order to clear your credit card bills. Attach your credit card bill statement copy or coupon along with the check/PO and send it to the following address:

Credit One Bank

Payment Services

P.O. Box 60500

City of Industry, CA 91716-0500.

Pay Through Western Union/MoneyGram

You can use Credit One bank’s receiver code “1430” for MoneyGram and Western Union city code “CreditOneBank” and code state “NV” to send your credit card payments.

Capital One Credit Card Log-in Process

You’ll have to create an online account first to access your credit cards online. You can set up an online account using this link.

To create an account, you’ll need the necessary information like name, DOB, contact number, email, social security number, and other details. Then, you’ll have to select your username and password.

Once you have a username and password, you can use these credentials to log in every time.

How to Contact Credit One Customer Support?

You can get customer support from Capital One’s branch support during working hours. You can also get support from customer services through phone and mail.

Credit card helplines for Capital One are:

  • Customer Service:


  • Outside the US, call collect:


  • Online banking support:


  • Fraud Protection:

1-800-427-9428 or 1-800-239-7054

How to Cancel the Capital One Credit Card?

 If you want to cancel any of the Capital One credit cards, you’ll need to contact the customer support team directly.

You must clear all pending payments and charges before you can apply for the card cancelation.