Is Card Cash Legit? How Does It Work?

Yes, Card Cash is a legitimate business offering a gift card marketplace. It was founded in 2009 and has since grown in popularity.

Card Cash appeals to both individual and business clients for trading/exchanging unused gift cards.

Let us guide you through the Card Cash business model, its legitimacy, and other factors.

What is Card Cash?

Card Cash is a private online marketplace for gift cards. Elliot Bohm and Marc Ackerman founded it in 2009. It is based in New Jersey, US.

Card Cash offers a unique concept in the online marketplace industry. Rather than selling/buying products or services, it offers gift cards.

The company founders believed it is a gigantic market that had remained untapped by the e-commerce world.

So, they found a way to make gift cards useful for those looking for discounts and for those who wanted to earn Cash on unused gift cards.

The company attracts individual customers as well as merchants. It offers gift card trading services to both types of customers.

Is Card Cash Legit?

Yes, Card Cash is a legitimate company with an established working history of over 13 years now. Its head office is located in New Jersey and it operates in the US only for the time being.

The company’s business model is also legitimate. It buys gift cards from individuals and merchants at discounted prices and sells them to buyers.

The pricing difference in a gift card’s face value is the profit margin for the company.

It also provides protection to its customers to prevent fraud and misuse of gift cards with a 45-day guarantee period.

Card Cash has a unique and legitimate business model; customers buy and sell gift cards from leading brands like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, etc.

How Does Card Cash Make Money?

Card Cash makes money by keeping a margin from gift cards traded. In simple words, it buys gift cards at a discount from sellers and sells these cards at a higher price to gift card buyers. Suppose a customer Tim David has a Walmart gift card of $100.

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Tim thinks he’ll be buying anytime sooner from Walmart again or he needs some cash urgently.

It is unlikely that Walmart will return a gift card for cash (especially if Tim didn’t buy it himself).

Tim sells the card for $90 Card Cash and received the cash immediately. Then, another buyer can buy that unused card for $100. The difference of $10 goes to Card Cash.

Card Cash Reviews

Card Cash is mostly used by online users directly through its website. The site does not show customer reviews on its web page.

Some social media review sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber show mixed customer reviews for Card Cash. However, both sites show an overall positive rating of the company at 3.5 and 3.2 respectively.

Moreover, the company has been reviewed by some leading magazines like Forbes, Fox, CNN, ABC, and Yahoo.

The company enjoys a low but positive rating overall.

How to Use Card Cash?

Card Cash is for individual customers mainly who receive gift cards from their loved ones or buy them themselves but do not use them.

You can create an account with Card Cash online in a few steps by providing personal information, email address, and contact details.

Then, you can either sell your gift card for cash or exchange it for another gift card for a brand of your choice. Both options may cost you a few dollars on the face value of your gift card.

Similarly, businesses issuing gift cards can sell them to Card Cash through the bulk sale offer. These cards would then be exchanged with individual clients.

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In practice, it can be used as a marketing tactic to attract more customers.

Individual buyers can purchase gift cards for hundreds of leading brands listed there. These cards offer significant discounts ranging from 2% to 35% on some brands.

Does Card Cash Partner with Corporate Customers?

Yes, Card Cash has bulk buy and bulk sell program for corporate and business clients.

Business clients can sell their gift cards in bulk to Card Cash. These cards will then be sold to or exchanged with retail customers. Thus, a business can attract more customers through Card Cash.

Similarly, those growing businesses who do not wish to launch their own gift cards can purchase gift cards in bulk. They can choose gift cards available for some leading brands and offer them to their customers as discounts.

Does Card Cash Offer a Guarantee for its Gift Cards?

Yes, Card Cash offers a 45-day guarantee period to its customers.

Customers exchanging or buying a gift card from Card Cash have up to 45 days to use that gift card. If they find the gift card has already been used, Card Cash will offer them a 100% return.

In some cases, customers may check a gift card immediately after purchasing it. However, if you use the card after 45 days and find it expired or unusable, you do not receive any protection from Card Cash.

Things We Like from Card Cash

Here are a few key points that we liked about Card Cash.

Established History

It takes time to establish a brand name and make a mark with a unique business model like Card Cash. With its online presence and a good working history of over 13 years, customers can trust it.

It has been reviewed by some leading magazines like Forbes, CNN, EY, and ABC.

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Legitimate Presence

Card Cash has a legitimate presence with a legitimate business model. Despite several negative reviews on different sites, we can see an overall positive rating for the company.

It also states its pricing mechanism clearly and keeps a cut from the gift card price by stating it clearly.

User-Friendly Platform

Card Cash is available online, on the Google app store, and Apple play store. All of these applications are user-friendly and come with neat user interfaces.

Customers can navigate through the menu easily and scroll through hundreds of available gift cards using filters and searching for their favorite brands.

Attractive Business Model

Card Cash appeals to both individual and business clients. It has something for both categories of customers.

Card Cash will likely see a rise in its operations in the coming years and the gift card market is expanding rapidly throughout the world.

Things We Want to See from Card Cash

Here are a few points we wish Card Cash can improve on.

Improved Customer Services

Card Cash has useful information available on its website. However, providing prompt online customer support can still take a few steps.

It only has a contact form to answer the queries of its customers. It can easily add a dedicated helpline and chat service to improve its customer services further.

Extended Window for the Guarantee Period

A guarantee period of only 45 days is too short for gift cards as they usually do not come with expiration dates.

So, customers would want to hold them for longer periods naturally.

Better Pricing

Card Cash keeps at least an 8% margin from customers selling gift cards. It may also keep a margin from buyers of these cards.

Although its pricing strategy is effective, it can still be optimized to provide a better return to its customers.