(2022 Updated) Best Buy Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Cancel, And More

Best Buy is an electronics retailer that operates online, and through bricks-at-mortar, in Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. This customer retailing company sells a vast list of items, including digital cameras, music, video games, and almost every home item.

Best Buy offers two credit cards (Best Buy Credit Card and Best Buy Visa Card) for payment, making the transaction quick and straightforward. Customers can pay through websites, phone, or mail using these cards according to their convenience. Despite all these facilities, the customers also get massive support from customer service agents of the company.

In addition to all these perks, customers can get huge discounts, offers, and rewards on the registration of the Best Buy Credit Card and Best Buy Visa Card.

Follow the instructions to determine the Best Buy credit card registration method and change any login information. So keep reading!

Key Takeaways:

  • You can log in to your Best Buy Credit Card Account by clicking on this link or dialing 800-950-5114.
  • If you want payment over the phone, dial 800-950-5114.
  • If you want to pay through text, type pay and send to 81964.
  • You can contact customer service 24/7 by tapping on this page.

How To Log In Login To Best Buy Credit Card Account

Getting login or managing the Best Buy Card Account is always steady. The following are hassle-free steps to log in to your Best Buy Credit Card account:

Step 1: Open Your Browser

Open your web browser in a new tab. For as long as you want to conduct financial transactions, we suggest using a trustworthy and popular internet browser—Safari for Apple devices and Chrome for Windows.

Step 2: Visit The Login Page

Go to the login page of Best Buy by tapping on its URL.

Step 3: Enter Your Account Info

Enter your ID and password, and it is better to save the credentials to make the next transaction quick: Mark the “Remember My User ID” checkbox.

Tap on the “Sign On” button, get access to your Best Buy credit card account, and start paying your bills.

Best Buy Credit Card Options And Rewards

As already discussed, Best Buy, a fantastic electronic retailer, offers customers the option of two credit cards.

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The Best Buy Visa Card and Best Buy credit card holders earn huge rewards — such as a 5% return on qualifying transactions. Moreover, these Best Buy Visa Cards and Best Buy Credit Cards feature flexible financing options.

Ways To Make A Best Buy Credit Card Payment

A customer gets countless options when it comes to paying a bill through My Best Buy credit card — a customer can pay — by phone, via text, mail, or online.

Let’s find the details of these methods:

Method 1: Best Buy Credit Card Payment Online

If you want to pay your online bills through a Credit Card, log in to your Best Buy credit card account.

To opt for this method, the customer can follow the given hassle-free steps:

●     Load The Website:

Go to Citi’s website and visit the credit card registration page.

●      Register:

Give your phone number, a credit card number, a card security card number, and your Social Security’s last four numbers.

●      Log In To The Account:

After registering the credit card, log into the Best Buy account with your credentials (User ID and Password).

●      Follow The Prompts:

Make your bank routing number and account number accessible, as you would need them while making online payments.

●      Pay Your Account And Develop Alerts

Besides making your payment clear, you can also manage other activities and alerts of your account. 

Method 2: Best Buy Credit Card Payment Through Phone

Citi supports its customers and allows them to use their Best Buy credit cards and make payments over the phone. Paying through the phone is pretty simple; dial 800-950-5114, and an automated system will help you throughout.

Again, you will require a bank routing number and checking account for this payment method—make your validated check handy to complete the payment procedure.

Method 3: Best Buy Credit Card Payment Through Text

Another helpful method is paying the bill through text. Remember – if you use this method, the possibilities are that the cell phone provider will charge some amount for updating you through texts (sending and receiving messages).

Follow the given steps to complete the transaction through texting.

  • Type PAY and send the message to 81964 from the phone connected to your Best Buy account.
  • The process will take a short time for your identity verification and ask you for the amount you want to pay. You also have to specify the account you want to use for payment.
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This is all!

Method 4: Best Buy Credit Card Payment Through The Mail

If you want to pay using the mail method, you must mail your check or money order with your account number. The address is based on the type of card that you own.

To pay through My Best Buy credit card account, mail your payment to:

My Best Buy Credit Card Payments

P.O. Box: 9001007

Louisville, KY 40290-1007

If you want to pay through your My Best Buy Visa bill, mail the payment at:

My Best Buy Visa Card Payments

P.O. Box: 78009

Phoenix, AZ 85062-8009

In the case of late payments, you can use the following address:

Consumer Payment Dept.

Building 9, Suite 910

6716 Grade Lane

Louisville, KY 40213

If you use a Visa-branded account, mention Express Payments/My Best Buy Visa Credit Card Overnight Delivery on your payments. In the case of My Best Buy credit card payments, mention Express payment/My Best Buy Credit Card Overnight Delivery.

Quick Steps To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card

Customers can withdraw their Best Buy credit card anytime by email or phone.

Method 1: Cancel Best Buy Credit Card Through Email

Step 1: Visit the email section of your Best Buy account.

Step 2: Composing a New Email

Step 3: Write Best Buy customer support’s email account ([email protected]) in the To Section.

Step 3: Fill in the subject block with AN APPEAL TO BEST BUY CREDIT CARD.

Step 4: In the email body, update the customer service about your attention to canceling the Best Buy Credit Card. Don’t forget to mention your phone number (connected to the account) and email address (personal identification).

Step 5: Tap on the “send” option.

Step 6: Once you send the email, the team will contact you back and ask questions to verify the information. Don’t hesitate to reply to the customer service team with the required information.

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Method 2: Canceling Best Buy Credit Card Through Phone

If you want to use the phone instead of mail to cancel the Best Buy Credit Card, you can call (888) 574-1301. The customer service will confirm your consent and then cancel your Best Buy Credit Card

The representative will ask for information about your account; hence, keep your personal credentials with you to avoid any hassle.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Best Buy Credit Card

So, we have done with the logins, payments, and cancellation of Best Buy Credit Card; now it is time to dig out the advantages and disadvantages so that you can develop a detailed insight.


●      Rewards And Benefits:

In the case of regular purchases, you will get 5% back; when the points add up to the account, you can make another purchase using them.

●      Rewards For Other Purchases:

The user can entertain on gas (3% back), dining, groceries, and takeout (2% back). The Best Buy Credit Card also applies to other purchases (1% back).


●      Limited Reward Usability:

You can use the Best Buy rewards only for their store; the points you win on their regular shopping cannot be used at any other store.

●      Timeframe For The Reward Expiration:

Another issue that Best Buy customers face is the limited time frame to enjoy the rewards. The Best Rewards typically expire after 60 days, so the customers are forced to use them within the set limit. Otherwise, they will lose the reward perks!

●      Potential For An Annual Fee:

The customers who cannot acquire the Platinum card; usually get the Gold version, which draws a yearly fee of $59 to obtain and use it.

Our Summary

The My Best Buy card is an outstanding and convenient payment option that brings countless customer rewards.

The company and bank offer ultimate paying methods to the customers. The cardholders can also manage their accounts, check their balances, and activate their alerts using online methods.

Thanks to the Best Buy Credit Cards and Citi that have made access to this famous and worthy company simple.