7 Best Bankers STOR/File Storage Box

Storage boxes are mandatory in all offices and households. No matter what sort of your work is, you need a storage box to secure your crucial documents. Bankers’ storage boxes are the big thumbs up for everyone.

Many of you might be already utilizing the storage boxes in your house or office. But if you are confused about choosing the best one, don’t worry.

The selection of Bankers’ storage boxes also depends upon your needs. So, before purchasing any storage box, you must look at its features.

In this writing, you’ll get the 7 best Bankers STOR/File storage boxes. You’ll also explore more about the banker’s storage boxes. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the article. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Here are the top 7 Bankers’ STOR/File Storage Boxes;
  1. Bankers Box STOR/File Storage Box With Lift-Off Lid
  2. Bankers Box STOR/File Decorative Storage Box
  3. Bankers Box 0071302 STOR/File Storage Box
  4. Bankers Box Heavy Duty Plastic File Storage Box
  5. Bankers Box Plastic Storage Bundles
  6. Bankers Box Premium File Storage Box
  7. Bankers Box Basic Duty Letter & File Storage Box
  8. Purchasing Bankers Storage Boxes is mandatory as you’ll get the following terms for your papers.
  • Security
  • Organization
  • Extra Storage
  • The Banker’s storage boxes are expensive because of the following features.
  • Sturdiness
  • Wide Storage
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stackable

Finest Bankers STOR/File Storage Box

There are hundreds of Bankers’ STOR/File storage boxes. Here are the best picks for you.

1.  Bankers Box STOR/File Storage Box With Lift-Off Lid

Bankers Box STOR/File storage box comprises single and double walls. You’ll surely like the lift-off lid which secures your documents. If you’re fed up with losing the storage box lid, this Bankers Box is the best choice.

You can get this Bankers Box STOR/File Storage Box with a lift-off lid for $70 to $75.

Product Details

ColorWhite & Blue
Recycled Content Percentage65%
Weight14.52 pounds
Capacity204.12 Kg
Dimension12×10×15 Inches


Ideal set-up building for moderate stacking.

You can also use this storage box with shelving.

Basic Construction.

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Keep up in a position that restrains your file storage.

2.  Bankers Box STOR/File Decorative Storage Box

Many of you might be tired of storing your essentials in simple boxes. If yes, cheer up. Here’s the best selection for you. Bankers Box STOR/File Decorative storage box comes in strong and stylish manufacturing.

You can save your letters, official documents, or whatever you want. It’s strong enough to store your bags and essentials. This decorative storage box brings up medium-duty stacking stability for moderate use. So, you can use it with or without shelving.

Product Details

Dimension10×12×15 Inches


Used for a variety of applications.




Locking lift-off lid

Easy & Instant assembly

Both single & double-wall construction

3.  Bankers Box 0071302 STOR/File Storage Box

Bankers Box 0071302 is a reliable storage box that can be purchased for $161. This box also has a Lift-off lid that protects your files from dirt and climate effects.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a water-resistant storage box, this Bankers Box 0071302 STOR/File storage box is not for you.

Product Details

Style & ShapeBoxes & Rectangular
Manufactured InUSA
Dimension12×10×15 inches


Lift-Off lid

Convenient to carry

Adjust both letters and medium-sized papers

Basic Duty

Standard Setup

Single & double-wall production

4.  Bankers Box Heavy Duty Plastic File Storage Box

Many of you might look for a reliable and robust box to store your documents. Are you fed up with using cardboard storage boxes? Cheer up. Bankers’ heavy-duty plastic file storage box is the best pick for you.

The best thing about purchasing this storage box is it is affordable. You can get your Bankers heavy-duty plastic file storage box for $50 – $60.

Product Details

ColorTransparent with blue lid
Capacity7.5 Gallons
Weight2.86 pounds
Dimension10×11×14 inches


Organized and secure storage

Feasible transport of documents

It comes with comfy handles for convenient lifting

Modular design offers easy stackability

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Built-in hanging rails


Locking lid to protect your files from misplacing while transporting the documents.

Stacks up to 5 high

Reinforced corners provide additional strength

Water-resistant storage box

5.  Bankers Box Plastic Storage Bundles

If you have a lot of papers roaming in your store room, Bankers Box plastic storage bundle is for you. You can purchase this storage box for between $65 to $90. Different stores offer different prices.

You can store hundreds of crucial files in a single storage box bundle. The best thing about purchasing this storage box bundle is you can secure all documents in minimum storage.

Product Details

MaterialPlastic / Polypropylene
Dimensions12×11×8 inches
Style2 × 10L + 1 × 18.5 L


Strong enough to store a maximum quantity of letters and files.


The whole bundle of storage boxes will store various paper sizes, including medium and large files.

5.5 L to 85 L is present in the Bankers Box plastic storage bundles.

6.  Bankers Box Premium File Storage Box

Here comes the next finest pick for you, the Bankers Box premium file storage box. It may feel a bit expensive, but purchasing this storage box will be your best decision. The cost of the Bankers Box premium file storage box ranges from $190 to $200.

So, if you afford this storage box, grab one for yourself right now.

Product Details

Dimension15×12×10 Inches
MaterialEither plastic of cardboard
Capacity8 Gallons


Triple End

Heavy Duty

Prevent paper cuts

Double Bottom

Double side

Tear-Resistant hand holes


Smooth rolled edges add strength to this storage box

Comfortable to carry

Stack up to 6 high

7.  Bankers Box Basic Duty Letter & File Storage Box

The Bankers Box Basic duty letter & file storage box is the best selection. This storage box will be available at any retail store for $90 or $100. Now, you don’t have to worry about your papers anymore.

You have to place the essential documents in the storage box and grab the one whenever you need them.

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Product Details

Dimension12 × 10 × 15 inches
Weight450 Pounds
ColorWhite & Blue



Environmental Friendly

Consume a shallow space

Secure the maximum proportion of your legal documents

Instant assembling

Basic duty

Is Banker Box Mandatory In Small Businesses?

Yes! Whether you’re running a multinational firm or a small business, Banker box will assist you in many ways. Here are some primary reasons that lead you to purchase a Banker Box.

●      Additional Storage

Undoubtedly, Banker’s storage boxes provide extra storage for your papers and files. You can always use supplementary storage boxes; bankers’ boxes are incredible for accumulating just about anything around the office.

●      Security

First and foremost, you’ll want essential documents restrained. This is not only significant, but in some circumstances, it is also the law. Therefore, you can secure your legal papers in Banker’s boxes.

●      Organization

Having all your essential documents in one spot can protect an excellent agreement of time and power when the time arrives to dig through for a needed item.

Now, you have to place the documents in the banker’s box and grab the one at the time of need.

Are Bankers Storage Boxes Expensive?

It might be a Yes or a No. Bankers storage boxes might feel a bit more expensive than other brands. But if you spend a lot on the storage box, you’ll get reliable quality. Bankers’ storage boxes are more costly than the standard boxes for the given reasons.

●      Stackable

The heavy-duty frame of a banker’s box makes it comfortable to load up boxes on top of each other.

Stackable boxes make file storage much more convenient and a space saver. So, if you don’t have enough space in your office, you can stack the compartments easily.

●      Easy To Assemble

Bankers’ boxes are straightforward to gather. No adhesive is implicated in the set-up procedure, which can tempt bugs or other furry creatures.

Simply tuck the box into a square, and voila. Hence, no matter how important the papers are, you can safely secure the file in the Banker’s storage boxes.

●      Well Made

A banker’s box is generally 12 x 10 x 15, with a stacking weight of over 400 lbs. Each box has a cover, so you do not have to be concerned about how to wrap the box, making it a sturdy basis for more containers.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have understood everything about purchasing a Bankers storage box. The seven best picks of Banker’s STOR/File storage boxes are given in this writing. The price and the features, including storage box details, are also shown in the article.

So, what are you procrastinating for? If you’re looking for one,  grab the suitable one for you now.